The 5 People You Meet In A Coffee Shop

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Cup of coffee with whipped cream

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It doesn’t matter whether you choose a corporate coffee house or a local one down the road from your home; coffee shops bring in the same clientele. There is something about a coffee shop, everyone finds their comfort in a cup and their escape to get away, refresh or hunker down. Here are 5 people you meet at a coffee shop:

  • The Business Man. He is the man dressed in a nice suit and no time to look where he is going. His fingers are texting and his briefcase strapped across his chest. He is pleasant but doesn’t have enough time to schedule in a conversation, a quick smile and order of your breakfast blend black is all he needs.
  • The Student. Like OMG that Chem final that is coming up is going to be uber hard! So why not dress up in the most comfy pajamas and take up two tables. Throw out a few books for looks, plug in some headphones and get on Facebook. Now order the granola yogurt and warm skinny latte with whipped cream.
  • The Mom. The minivan with 5 stickers in the parking lot comes with its own warning label. Mom is between after school pick up and soccer practice with 5 kiddos in tow. Two belong to the neighbors, either way she treats them like her own and orders everyone a cookie. Mom needs a large iced coffee with two sweeteners and an extra shot of espresso. And a nap.
  • The Writer. Lap top opened before the coffee is ordered. No to go cup, straight from the mug is how it’s supposed to be enjoyed. A cappuccino works for today’s writer’s block. Don’t be weirded out when this writer spaces off and begins to stare, the creative juices are flowing.
  • The Friendly Elderly Couple. He’s reading the newspaper and looking ever so dapper in his hat and she’s reading a paperback book. Both drinking tea and enjoy sharing their recent reads with each other. The old man nods at the business man and suggests a title to the struggling writer and the old woman dotes on the kids and compliments the mom while asking the student what they are studying.

Next time you head in for a cup of Joe, look around you and smile at each person. They are there for the same reasons you are. Who knows you may be that person. Enjoy and sip slowly!

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