Rise and Shine! 5 Incredible Coffee Blends That Will Start Your Morning off Right

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Coffee BlendsEveryone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning to start the day off right. The only thing that may cause problems is drinking the same blend every day when you do not have to. The following are five coffee blends from somewhere like 11th Street Coffee that you should try.


Sometimes, all you need to start the day off right is a little sweetness, and you can have that. There are a number of blends out there that add a touch of sugar like the cinnamon sugar cookie blend.

This may not sound like it will work, but it really does, so give it a whirl because you might like it.

Dark and Silky

Coffee adds a touch of bitterness to a sweet drink, but sometimes you want a stronger blend with the sweetness.

You can have that and more if you consider a Swiss milk chocolate blend, which should have that extra bit of bitterness you were craving from the chocolate it contains. This type of chocolate-based blend should help start your day off right.

Roasted Hit

The flavor explosion you get from a lightly roasted coffee blend cannot be compared to other blends. This is for all those coffee-drinkers who enjoy the taste of the coffee bean but want to highlight it a bit more.

Roasting the bean just right takes skill, but you can skip all that prep work by simply grabbing Keurig cups.

Caramel Blend

Those who want a sweet drink that is simply divine may want to consider a caramel blend. Caramel and coffee complement each other quite well.

The sweetness of this drink is not overpowering, but it is strong enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Natural Goodness

Those who are a bit adventurous may want to consider a hot apple cider blend. The natural tang of the cider along with its hints of sweetness make this an interesting blend. You are going to want to pair this with a delicious donut or morning biscuit, or you can just savor the drink on its own.

These are just some of the many blends that you can enjoy in the morning. You are going to be dreaming about waking up to some of these flavors as you start trying them. Do not be afraid to explore because you never know what blends are going to work.

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