Starbucks Shanghai – World’s Biggest Starbucks

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Starbucks ShanghaiCoffee junkies, you might need to take a seat for this. Starbucks Shanghai is launching its biggest, most ambicious coffee shop. A 30,000 sq-ft. location in Shanghai delivering a multi-sensory coffee adventure. Think Disneyland, with caffeine rather than Mickey.

At the brand-new spot, kicking off Dec. 6 and named the Reserve Roastery Shanghai, patrons will have the opportunity to check out all the state-of-the-art bells and whistles Starbucks has designed. Amenities will consist of 3 coffee bars and a 3-D printed tea bar. At the coffee bars, one hundred baristas will handcraft a cup of the rarest, small-lot coffees on the planet employing one of 6 brewing techniques.

Starbucks Shanghai

Entering the mamoth coffee shop, guests can admire the shop’s cavenous 2 stories monument to coffee. Filled floor to ceiling with over 1,000 traditional Chinese stamps– hand-engraved to recount the story of Starbucks and coffee, naturally.

Starbucks is raising the bar ever higher with sophisticated technology in this new place, too. While patrons visit, they can point their mobile phones at numerous elements around the shop to bring to life information about the Starbucks bean-to-cup story. One word, amazing!

Starbucks’ Shanghai Roastery has 3 coffee experience bars.

Starbucks Shanghai

This Roastery has more than 100 beverages available for purchase.

Starbucks Shanghai

Teavana Bar.

Starbucks Shanghai

Princi Bakery

Starbucks Shanghai
Augmented Reality Experience

Starbucks Shanghai

Definitely, Starbucks corporation had outdone themselves with Starbucks Shanghai. This state of the art coffee shop will be a worldwide attraction and the crown jewel for Starbucks.

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