Java Joy – 6 Great Gifts For A Coffee Aficionado

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Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, right after water, and neck to neck with tea. Over the years, worldwide consumption of coffee has continued to rise rapidly.

This great news for coffee shops and coffee bean roasters that seem to pop up everywhere. Every day, hundreds of millions of people make the daily journey to their favorite purveyor of the black elixir to satisfy their caffeinated longings.

We all know at least one person that is a coffee aficionado and what better way to make them feel special than with a coffee-related gift!

Check out these six great gifts for that Java fanatic friend or family member in your life:

1.      Reusable Coffee Cups:

Most coffee shops serve their brew in disposable to-go cups that end up in landfill, hurting the environment. Gift the perfect reusable coffee cup to your friend and customize it according to their taste.

Not only will you be making them happy by giving them a cup that they love, but you will also be helping the environment.

2.      Automatic Stirring Mug:

If your coffee friends or colleagues love innovative technology, an automatic stirring mug is perfect for them. These neat little contraptions contain various mixing blades so you can get just the right flavor.

What’s more, the mug is designed for traveling and is safe to wash. The thermal material will keep your coffee at the optimum temperature to power you through your morning.

3.      Coffee Cup Holder:

The coffee cup holder is a ring with an attached clip that can be affixed to a desk. It’s perfect for clumsy people and those with chronically cluttered desks. The cup fits snugly into the ring keeping it safe from spills and right where you need it.

4.      Portable Espresso Machine:

Who does not love a good espresso every once in a while? If your close friend is a genuine coffee purist, then this gift is perfect for him or her. These small, light weight, battery operated gizmos can brew surprisingly delicious cups that will hit the spot.

Just add coffee and water to the machine and see the perfect brew right before your eyes. They’re ideal for camping trips and other places where you might not find the antidote to your coffee craving.

5.      Tanzania Coffee Beans:

Columbian, Venezuelan, Javanese, Ethiopian; everyone has their favorite bean. The true coffee connoisseurs know that Tanzanian coffee is the African Queen of Coffee. Readily available and beans and easy on the wallet, everyone will appreciate the rich aromas and smooth aftertaste of Tanzanian black gold.

6.      Coffee Bean Jewellery:

Yes, this is actually a real thing. Coffee bean necklaces, pendants and other forms of adornment are trending around the world.

It’s the perfect option for that caffeinated friend that has everything so that they can indulge their pure love of the bean. Items such as these use real coffee beans as the mold to create a realistic version that will keep the magic bean close to their heart.

You will find plenty of things on the market that a coffee drinker will appreciate. Some of them help folks in brewing the perfect cup, while others just show the overwhelming love for the beverage.

The items that we’ve looked at here are just some of the options that affordable and will be loved by their recipients. Whatever product you choose, there is no better way to show how much you care than with everyone’s favorite beverage.

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