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It’s that time of the year again, where the days grow shorter and the nights get chillier. However, what keeps our hearts warm are the nostalgic aromas and soothing tastes of seasonal blend coffees. Be it a tradition or a caffeine fix, there’s something in our DNA that has us craving for the comfort and warmth that coffee brings to our lives.

It goes without saying that there’s something special about coffee. Many of us rely on a cup or two to fuel us with energy and greet the day. Even though grabbing a “cup of joe” may feel like a routine, this is can be just the right amount of that “liquid gold” to almost seem therapeutic. Whether you work at home, work at rehab facilities in Florida or are in the retail business, picking up a cup of coffee before work can also kick start your day.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or not, you can get excited about the best seasonal coffees out there. Below are a list of some of the best coffee blends on the market this year that will surely get you into the holiday season.

A Tall Order- Fall into Flavor…

You can feel yourself reaching for a warm, cozy sweater in order to brave the crisp air, and all you need is a hot cup of coffee to seal the deal. Maybe you are trying to catch the big rival football game or you feel like taking a brisk walk. No matter the reason, there’s always time for some of these fall flavors.

Starlight Blend

Who: Caribou Coffee

 What: Experience the unique taste of maple candy and yummy ripe berries. In this blend, you’ll find that together, this is a heavy body product with hints of nuts, malts and grains. Perfect for an evening in the chilly, night air.

  • Flavor: Apple Caramel Pie Coffee

Who: Van Houtte Keurig

What: Nostalgic for a piece of grandma’s great apple pie? Look no further than this decadent blend. With the aroma of fresh-baked apples and sweet sugar, you’ll be amazed that it comes from a tiny K-cup. Pair your coffee with some baked oatmeal or ice cream. It will be as if you’re eating the real thing.

In the “Grande” Scheme of Things- Something to Be Thankful for…

Family and togetherness. What says Thanksgiving more than holding a warm cup of coffee in your hand while watching the family play flag football in the backyard? As you shiver in the crisp fall air, sip on some coffee that is enough to put you in good spirits.

  • Flavor: Thanksgiving Blend

Who: Starbucks

 What: Starbucks pulls out all the stops with this multi-region blend. From Guatemala and Sumatra, this coffee presents a subtle spice flavor with cocoa notes and fine herbs. This is definitely a full-bodied, herbal blend, you can share with the whole family.

  • Flavor: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who: Starbucks

 What: As a popular favorite, this espresso is doused in pumpkin flavored syrup and lathered in steamed milk and whipped cream. To top it off, Starbucks adds pumpkin pie spices to get a true taste of pumpkin. Here’s a fun fact, this year marks the tenth anniversary of this delicacy, and since August of 2012, Starbucks has said they counted 29,000 tweets with the hashtag of  #pumpkinspice. It is certainly a fall favorite.

A Venti Christmas- Dreams of Sugar Plums and Lattes…

Instead of feeling glum and having cabin fever, think of the holiday season as a time to reflect on your life. Maybe it’s a year to start a family tradition. For example, the gas station, Sheetz provides free coffee on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Try and make it a priority to experience one of these amazing and inexpensive treats.

  • Flavor: McCafe Peppermint Mocha

Who: McDonalds

 What: Mint has always been the flavor of the Christmas season. For an inexpensive and tasty caffeine fix, this is the way to go. This chocolate and mint combination is out of this world and just enough sweet to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Flavor: Gingerbread Cookie

Who: Dunkin’ Donuts

 What: A rich, full-bodied experience. The distinct of gingerbread will have you thinking about making cookies on your next snow day. Who says you’re too old to enjoy cookies? A perfect solution for your holiday travels.


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