Home Brew: 3 Ways Your House Contributes to the Quality of Your Coffee

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Home BrewWhile heading to the local coffee shop and placing an order with a barista is one way to enjoy a cup of java, many people enjoy brewing their own coffee at home.

You may think that the coffee that you brew at home should be every bit as flavorful and aromatic as the coffee that you can buy at the coffee shop, but the reality is that many home-related factors may be working against you.

In fact, these are three of the primary factors that may be affecting the quality of your home brew.

The Quality of Your Water

In many coffee shops, filtered and purified water is used to make coffee. However, many people who make their own coffee simply use tap water.

Your tap water may be excessively hard or soft, and it may not be as pure as it could be. These factors can all affect the quality of your coffee in different ways, and they can be remedied when you simply invest in a new water filtration system.

Companies like Five Star Plumbing often have a wide range of products and services that can help improve the quality of your water the way you need to.

Your Brewing Style

You may think that the price of your coffee maker will impact the quality of your home brew, but this is not necessarily the case.

The reality is that your brewing process or style has a tremendous impact on the quality of your coffee. If you have time available, you can poor steaming hot water directly over grounds in a conical dripper.

This gives you the ability to enjoy flavorful results in a cost effective way, and you can also have direct control over how strong or weak your coffee is.

Your Coffee Beans

If you buy pre-ground coffee at the grocery store, you may want to establish a different routine. The size of grounds as well as their age and purity will affect the quality of your coffee.

A great alternative is to buy fresh grounds online directly from a supplier. Remember that the size of the grounds that you create from the beans can also affect flavor and quality. Understanding ideal grain size that creates coffee to your liking is important.

Making exceptional coffee at home that is perfectly suited for your palate can seem rather complicated, but you can see that it actually is easier to accomplish than you might think.

Focus your attention on the quality of water and beans that you use as well as your overall brewing style, and you can dramatically improve all aspects of the process.


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