These Pinterest Coffee Bars Are What Our Dreams are Made of

| October 6, 2017 | 4 Comments

coffee bar

What makes a dream coffee bar for you? Family parties, dinners, or any gathering are just a few of reasons you might be hosting friends or family in your home in the next few months. Trying to balance people, food , and drink in large or small spaces can be a real challenge.So I like the idea of creating a separate, organized coffee bars in my kitchen. My guests can easily serve themselves delicious coffee drinks and have fun doing it.

Coffee Bars

That’s why a coffee bar, that is set up with interesting cups, decorations and tableware just looks so fun,too. These little or big nooks in your home can create an a beautiful, interesting experience. They only take up a few square feet and work great in any small or medium kitchen area.


coffee bars

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I like the way this Coffee bar chose the color white for its main color. It has the coffee maker white and all the accoutrements are white, too. The walnut table bar accents the look beautifully.

Back Wall

coffee bars

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The backwall can consist of shelving displaying your cups, mugs, baskets or tea kettles. What make this one very interesting is the use of a blackboard. Your artistic stylings can come into play by writing beautiful quotes or just the word coffee in a calligraphy style.

A Hidden Coffee Bar

coffee bars

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Some people do not want to have their coffee paraphernalia out at all times. They want a small tucked away place to keep their coffee equipment and coffee cups close by but not exposed all the time.

Coffee Brewing Equipment

coffee barsDo you have a really beautiful espresso machine you want display or just a Keurig Coffeemaker? On the counter of the coffee bar is where you keep your regular brew pot, a cold-pressed pot, and/or a French Press. Display your items in a useful and decorative way.

Coffee Bar Lighting

coffee barsIt’s important to light you counter so you can see what your doing and for another way to decorate. Some bars have overhead lamps either recessed into the ceiling, hanging interestingly over the bar, or just a decorative table lamp on the bar. you can use your imagination to what fits well for your decor.

Coffee Bar Perfection

What’s special about this permanent coffee station is that it’s never in the cooking area, so it’s not taking up precious kitchen’s square footage! This kind of a configuration can help guide friends far from the hustle and bustle that takes place in a kitchen space in the course of a holiday season celebration or all year around. This might very well the most perfect method to keep coffee traffic far from the primary purposes of your home kitchen.

Do you have a distinct coffee station or setup in your house?


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  1. James says:

    This is so cool. Im going to make one of these in my home. What kind of table should i use and whats a good height?

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