3 Ways to Use Coffee for More Than a Morning Pick-Me-Up

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Ways to Use Coffee

That morning cup of coffee is something most of us couldn’t do without. The delicious smell and taste, plus all that caffeine, are exactly what’s needed to start off the day.

However, you might be surprised to learn that coffee has many more uses that go far beyond just drinking it. With that in mind, we’ll now look at three other unique ways to use coffee, everyone’s favorite bean.

Cooking with Coffee

The unique taste of coffee makes it a great help in the kitchen and allows you to add a richer depth and complexity to many of your favorite dishes. You can use a bit of leftover coffee in gravies, marinades and sauces or as part of a rub or spice mix for grilled meat.

Coffee also pairs particularly well with chocolate, and you can find a wide variety of cake, cookie, brownie and other dessert recipes that call for a few tablespoons of freshly ground beans.

Finding and trying out new varieties of coffee not only allows you to find your favorite morning cup, but also new complex coffee tastes that make the perfect addition to many dishes.

Coffee’s Cosmetic Uses

In addition to cooking, coffee also serves a range of cosmetic uses. Coffee grounds make a fantastic facial scrub, and you can simply rub leftover coffee grounds on your face and skin to tone and exfoliate.

Similarly, you can rub coffee grounds into your hair after shampooing to provide added shine, and coffee can even be used as a natural hair dye to darken your color and cover up any gray.

All you need to do is soak your hair in a bowl of strong coffee, let it sit for around 30 minutes and then rinse to achieve a noticeably darker look. If an even darker shade is desired, you might try a similar method using a thick paste made out of instant coffee.

Coffee Grounds and Gardening

Ways to Use CoffeeUsed coffee grounds can also provide a number of excellent benefits to your garden. For instance, many people use old coffee grounds as an organic mulch to help increase water retention and create the perfect environment for beneficial microorganisms to thrive.

Others add coffee to their compost, as the grounds will add nitrogen to the compost as they break down. Coffee grounds can also be sprinkled around the garden to ward away ants and slugs, while also attracting earthworms.

Some people even claim that sprinkling coffee grounds around the garden will keep house cats away from the plants.

As you can see, there is far more to coffee than just as a morning pick-me-up. In fact, there is really no reason to toss away those used coffee grounds since there are tons of different ways that you can reuse them.

The smell of fresh coffee grounds makes them a great deodorizer and scent neutralizer, coffee can be used to scrub your pots and pans clean, and it can even be used as a paint, wood stain or fabric dye. Knowing all of this, you might just start thinking of ways to use coffee in a whole new way.


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