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Maud's CoffeeOne of the latest coffee blends to have taken the industry by storm is a little known gem of a find called Maud’s Coffee. There are already a number of Maud’s Coffee reviews available that tout the impressiveness of this blend on multiple counts. But what’s all the hype about Maud’s Coffee in simple terms? For this particular Maud’s Coffee review, we’ll give our thoughts and share a recent testimonial from easily one of the most particular coffee drinkers we’ve known.

Maud’s Coffee

For most coffee drinkers, the two most important factors about their coffee are “taste” and “cost”. So let’s talk about them first.


We’ve tried many different Maud’s Coffee products and one thing that we think holds true for all of them is that they’re all impeccably smooth. There’s no harsh aftertaste or unwanted bitterness. While everyone will have their own blend preferences, we think most will appreciate the mellow yet intricate flavor that soothes the soul.

As a matter of fact, Maud’s Coffee even has a blend called Maud’s Decaf Mellow Mood and it certainly lives up to its name. We say all this in our Maud’s Coffee review to say, that as far as taste goes, Maud’s passes with brilliantly flying colors.

Maud's Coffee


Now that we’ve established that Maud’s Coffee makes the grade on taste, let’s talk cost. They are extremely reasonable especially when considering the quality of coffee that’s being provided.

You can have a real gourmet coffee experience without paying a gourmet price. Part of how they’re able to achieve such competitive prices is that they sell factory-direct.

In other words, they cut out the middleman so that the savings can be passed onto the customer. With that said, from 39 cents to 49 cents a pod, they also pass the cost test with flying colors.


Maud’s Righteous Blends Coffee Variety Box Recyclable Coffee Pods 136ct. There’s a very simple breakdown of what we liked best about this exceptional coffee brand. The second part of our Maud’s Coffee review is simple a testimonial shared with us by an lifelong coffee drinker who is more than particular about her coffee.

She had never heard of Maud’s Coffee but recently had the opportunity to try a Maud’s Coffee organic variety pack starting with the Sumatran dark roast blend. Her experience was notable in that recently she had been recently cutting down on her coffee intake due to the acidity overdose. She shared a testimonial with us and goes like this:


The instant the coffee hit her lips, she could tell this was the best coffee she’d ever had. She added that whether anyone actually believes that statement to be true didn’t matter.

That was a case she wasn’t trying to prove to anyone. She was quite grounded in her position. At that moment, she said she knew that Maud’s Coffee had dethroned her previously favorite coffee blend.

She exclaimed that Maud’s didn’t taste acidic unlike many other coffee blends that claim to be low-acid. In her more than 60 years of life, she hadn’t experienced coffee that was this delicious and in her words “just non acidic”.

She enjoyed the coffee so much that she made up excuses to eat an afternoon dessert snack just so she could have another cup of Maud’s.

Pointing out that she hadn’t been able to drink more than one cup of coffee recently without the acid getting to her, she said Maud’s Coffee was a real treat. She sat there reading the insert that came along with the packaging, fascinated by a company that was able to produce such a transcendent coffee


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