Selling In Style: 4 Design Tricks to Help Your Home Sell

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sell your homeWhen you are trying to sell your home quickly in a competitive real estate market, it is important to make each room looks its best. It is essential to contact a professional Realtor who can look at the inside and outside of your home to make recommendations about repairs or changes.

Sell Your Home

The goal of updating your home is to make it look more attractive and desirable to potential homebuyers. Here are a four design tricks to help you sell your home faster.

Improve Your Home’s Landscaping

The landscaping is the first thing that someone notices about your home. Before mowing the lawn, make sure to remove any trash from the property. After trimming and mowing the grass, remove the debris with a rake to place in a trash bag.

If your property has overgrown shrubbery or trees, then it is important to trim the branches to improve the appearance of the lawns.

Clean a Home with a Power Washer Device

Rent a power washer device to remove the cobwebs and dirt from a home’s porch and siding. Some potential homebuyers will want to see the roof of a home, so climb on an extension ladder to wash away the algae or moss on the shingles.

This is also a good time to rinse out your home’s rain gutters and downspouts. Use caution around power lines to avoid an electrical shock.

Remove Clutter from Your Home

If you have a lot of clutter inside your home, then its rooms will look smaller. Get rid of as many things as possible to make closets and cabinets appear larger. Anything that you leave inside your home should be organized properly to make spaces look better.

When you can’t get rid of enough items from your home to make it look roomier, rent a nearby storage unit for a few months.

Stage Your Home

Your Realtor can provide important advice concerning staging your home. When you have a huge house, hiring a professional home stager is an excellent idea.

A home stager will help you rearrange furniture, artwork and other items in a home to ensure it looks its best. By following the advice from a knowledgeable home stager, you can sell a property faster and at a higher price.

Smells Sell

As part of staging your home, you should always try and have an enticing smell to fill the home whenever potential buyers come to look at it. Pulling cookies out of the oven right before an open house begins is one way to do this, and another is to put a pot of coffee on to boil. It’s surprising what an effect an enticing aroma can have on people that come to see your property.

Offering those cookies or that coffee to viewers can be a good idea as well. If you want, you can even give them the recipe or a sample pack of the coffee grounds that you used as a keepsake on their way out.

Remain In Contact With Your Realtor

After using all of these design tricks on your home, have your Realtor walk through your home and around your property. She may give you additional advice such as painting the walls or updating bathroom fixtures.

Remember that a Realtor like The Pye Team understands what homebuyers are looking for in today’s real estate market.

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