3 Tips for Keeping an Herb Garden When Summer is Gone

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Herb GardenFresh herbs bring the flavor of summer to the table, making meals vibrant and flavorful, but can be difficult or expensive to get outside of the warmer months. Growing fresh herbs year-round is definitely an option, though, as long as you’re willing to put in a little bit of work into a herb garden. Usually, a few supplies and a little space are the only tools needed to grow herbs during the winter months.

Wall Gardens

Hanging planters are a versatile option for indoor herb gardens during winter. These clear, plastic planters often look like shoe organizers, with neatly organized pockets forming rows along the front.

These planters can hold a good variety of herbs, but make sure you fasten them securely to a stud or the weight of the plants might come tumbling down.

To make the most of a wall garden, hang it on a sunny wall and put fresh, nutrient-rich potting soil in each pocket. Plant herb seeds in each pocket, or transplant herbs from your garden before the first frost.

Herb Garden

Be sure to label the plants just as you would outside, and don’t be afraid to add a few extra seeds of the herbs you use the most.

Watering is easy and can be done with a simple spray bottle. The plastic planter retains moisture in the soil effectively in warmer indoor temperatures, so be careful not to over-water.

Many styles of hanging planters are available, including tiered planters that allow group plantings of various herbs in a single space and for excess water to trickle down to the plants below.

Windowsill Gardens

Herb GardenA sunny window is perfect for growing a small selection of flavorful herbs. Choose terra cotta planters with drainage holes for a classic windowsill garden of basil, sage, and mint, or use decorative porcelain planters to give indoor gardens more color.

To grow larger indoor herb gardens, place planters on shelves that are located near a warm, sunny location.

Kitchens are often ideal for winter herb gardens because the room is warmer and more humid than other indoor areas. If space is available, a terrarium-style garden gives herbs ample warmth and humidity.

After choosing a location and planters for the herbs, install a drip watering system to enjoy a low-maintenance garden that is always perfectly watered.

If you want to get fancy, you might even look into rigging a rain chain from a company like Monarch Abode to deliver the water in style.

Winter Savvy Herbs

Some plants, such as garlic, can withstand winter weather to a degree. Herbs to choose for any outdoor plantings include sage, oregano, garlic, and mint.

Check planting guides, or consult a local greenhouse owner, to determine which plants are right for the local winter climate.

While the warmth and sunny days of summer will surely come and go, that doesn’t mean your cooking has to suffer. With a little bit of love and care, you can have a lovely herb garden at your disposal all winter to remind you of the sunny days ahead.

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