How Garden Improvements Can Boost the Value of Your Property

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Having a neat front yard and beautiful backyard garden can make a dream home out of any average house, whether you plan to stay or sell. A space around your house is a canvas where you can express your creativity, sense of style and make a wonderful surrounding for yourself, or for the new tenants.

Not to mention that the appealing front yard and lovely garden will significantly increase the value of your real estate, as long as you don’t go too far on the beautification since the high-maintenance garden may discourage potential buyers.

Front yard improvements

Before entering your home, buyers will go through the front yard and here is the great chance to win their hearts without even seeing the rest of the property.

The front yard is an important part because the mere sight of it will form the buyer’s first impression. The created visual imprint is a crucial factor and is vital in home buyer’s decision making, so make sure to take the opportunity and to create an impressive front area.


When revamping the home exterior a bit of clever landscaping can work wonders. Consider growing or simply take care of the existing lawn. Neat and tidy lawn, with trimmed edges and lovely fresh grass, will give away the impression of low-maintenance yet welcoming front yard.

Planting some trees can also come very useful when it comes to boosting the value of the property, since not only it will look fantastic, but surrounding home with a line of trees can make a household more sustainable. Planting some evergreen trees and strategically positioned shrubs will make your front yard very attractive.

Smarten the porch

Put some flower pots on the porch that will visually connect the front yard and the entrance of the house. Placing flowers on the porch will soften the line of the exterior and will create more inviting and warm feeling.

A good choice would be to have some perennials with vivid colors, since not only they save money, but they can add a touch of delight to anyone who is entering your home. Make sure to position them properly and to balance the colors. The symmetrically placed flower pots will create a great impression.

Backyard improvements

Having a backyard means having limitless options to customize it and to make it a perfect place for rest or gathering the loved ones. Assuming that there is enough space, try forming one or more focal points of the yard that you will connect with paths.

Consider placing a fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard since it will provide functionality, aside from considerably boosting the value of your household.

Neaten the patio

Make sure to de-clutter it and sweep it clean, pull up all the dead plants and get rid of the stuff that is making it look shabby. Consider some comfortable patio furniture for there is nothing as inviting as a cozy outdoor place, but make sure it is functional as it is comfy.

Add some lights so that spending time outdoors can be prolonged in the evening hours. Throw in some tasty accessory like nice curtains or a little statue.

Spruce up the garden

Before you do the gardening, make sure to clean the green mass first. Remove the branches and twigs, pluck the weed and remove the dead plants. Then go trimming and pruning, mow the lawn and mulch the remaining plants.

Replace the dead plants with some annuals, plant some shrubs or even herbs. Again, planting perennials is more cost effective, so spread the seeds or buy full grown plants. New plants will give a good pop of color to the garden and will lift the entire landscape.

Irrigate the ground properly and go for some retractable hose reels since they will do the watering without looking messy in your garden.

Doing a makeover of the garden and the front yard will not only improve the value of the property, but it will directly affect the selling since the perfect outdoors can be a decisive deal maker.

Keep that in mind, as well as the fact that your aim is to trigger buyer’s immediate affection toward the new home. The strong visual impact that creates the first impression is the essential part of any decision, so make sure that your potential buyers are instantly captivated by what they see. Clever planning and small in investment in the garden can go a long way when boosting the property value.

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