Greener Grass: 5 Lawn care Tips to Try This Summer

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Owning a home is more than just keeping the inside of the house clean and paying the bills. You also need to keep the exterior manicured so that it’s pleasing to look at and to prevent pests from making your lawn their home.

If you want greener grass throughout the year, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind that don’t require a lot of extra time each week.

Remove the Tips

When you mow the lawn, only cut about one-third from the top of the grass. If you cut any more than this, then the grass will become stressed as it won’t have a way to soak in the sunshine and nutrients from the water. You’ll discover that short grass will often look burnt instead of green.

Mow When Needed

While there are some people who think that they have to mow every week, your yard might not need to be mowed that often. Monitor the progress of your yard, factoring in whether it’s rained or not, to determine how often the yard needs to be cut.

You could go two weeks without mowing if it hasn’t rained or if you like your lawn being a little taller. If you mow too often, then you could end up killing the grass, so it’s best to mow on the lawn’s terms.

Mowing can be the most time-consuming part of your lawn maintenance, especially if you have a large yard. Some companies like John Deere or Cox Mowers sell riding lawn mowers which can significantly reduce the amount of time this takes.


Before the spring season begins, you want to fertilize the lawn. This will allow enough time for the fertilizer to seep into the ground and the roots of the grass.

Water the lawn after fertilizing and when needed so that the grass grows strong and beautiful. A local landscaping company can give you tips on when to fertilize and come to the home to do the work for you if you have any concerns.

Get Rid Of the Weeds

In order for your grass to grow properly, you need to remove the weeds and the pests that are in the yard. Weeds tend to take over the nutrients that are in the ground, making them grow faster while starving your grass.

A weed killer is sometimes the best option to get rid of large areas, but if the plants grow sporadically, then just pull them with your hands.

Plenty of Water

Avoid watering your lawn every day. The heat of the summer sun will only dry out the grass instead of the water soaking into the ground.

Instead, deep water the ground every few days so that plenty of water reaches into the soil, getting to the roots of the grass.

Your lawn can be a beautiful green oasis for all to enjoy if you follow a few lawn care tips. You don’t have to mow all the time or even water the lawn every day for it to be green.

Call in a professional if you have any questions or just need assistance in getting off to a good start.


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