Better Blueprints: 4 Tricks to Designing Your Dream Home

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With the American housing market fully recovered and the real estate economy heating up, home design is once again capturing the imaginations of budding interior decorators and prospective homeowners who will not settle for tract housing or McMansions.

Whether you are planning on buying a fixer-upper, building a spec home or completely remodeling interior spaces, you should keep in mind that analysts expect property values to continue appreciating in 2017.

With the above in mind, here are four recommendations for you to follow as you start designing your dream home.

Working with Professionals

If you are planning on building a spec home or completely remodeling an existing property, you may want to start the process by scheduling an appointment with a local and reputable home builder that specializes in custom projects.

Likewise, you would be better off working with a home design company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates or someone similar if you would like to completely redo the interior. The advantage of working with professionals from the beginning is that they are familiar with building codes and can offer guarantees related to the completion of the project.

Think About the Future

Young families and single professionals should think about what the future may bring. If you are planning on having children or if you think that your parents will need a nice place to stay as they get older, you should take these thoughts into consideration as you design your home.

Likewise, if you plan on running your own business, it would be a good idea to convert a living space into a home office.

Explore the World of Home Design Software

In the past, computer-aided design (CAD) software packages were complex affairs exclusively in the purview of architects and interior decorators. This is no longer the case; quite a few home design applications have been developed with homeowners in mind, particularly those who have no architectural or drafting experience.

Some programs are hosted in the cloud and do not require installation. other options are designed to work on tablets and smartphones.

Consider Functionality

Your dream home should reflect the aspirations and activities of its occupants; for example, if someone in your household is a home chef, you may want to focus on designing a gourmet kitchen.

If you need a quiet place to do your work, think about designing a nook or a small office with soundproofing.

Above all, designing your dream home should be an enjoyable process that should not be rushed. Take your time, talk things over and carefully with your loved ones, and think about how you will celebrate the completion of the project.


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