How to Groom Yourself for the Coffee Date with your Husband on his Birthday

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coffee dateBirthdays are the most important days in a person’s life. It marks a new beginning to another experience of life’s journey. If you decide to impress your man by taking him for a coffee date on his special day, then you must ensure that the day ends with a smile on his face. Give him no reason to wish he had spent the day with friends and colleagues over you. Tips on how you should groom yourself for the coffee date.

Pick the right outfit

A coffee date is simple, and it should not take you long like the dinner dates. Therefore, you should keep it simple. The casual dressing would be much better.

However, you should ensure that your dress code would impress the man in your life and keep him locked on you. If possible, you can use the same dress you wore the first time he took you out; this will refresh his memories.

However, depending on time, a fabulous dinner dress would be the best option to go for. Every man loves women in hugging dresses that do not reveal her body, but it shows her curves.

coffee dateAlternatively, you can put on nice jeans with a complementing top that you will be comfortable. You should ensure that the outfit you choose should keep you comfortable for you to concentrate on him rather than the outfit.

Also, ensure that you don’t feel overdressed to steal the show. Remember it’s his birthday, and you should make him feel special.


Heels provide a sense n confidence to any woman. However, you can’t walk comfortably in them, and you should not wear heels on his birthday.

You can put on a wedge with a smaller heel, soothing that you will be comfortable to walk around and sit comfortably too. Picking the right pair of shoe complements the entire outfit and makes you feel like you are dressed to impress him.

Color scheme

Put your colors neutral having neutral colors keeps your man thinking about you and wondering how you manage to do what you do.  If you must put on shouting and crazy colors, keep them on your jewelry to avoid the colors taking his attention.

Blending your colors lightly, make the coffee date to turn romantic and exciting. Additionally, you don’t know what is running in his head, and you never know, he may be thinking to take you somewhere else for dinner of an evening dance.

Therefore, if you dress like a crown, you may feel awkward when you get to the new joint.


coffee dateKeep your jewelry simple don’t put on hanging earrings that keep making lots of noise when you turn your head. If you must put on a neckpiece, consider a chocker over the other hanging pieces.

Ensure that your jewelry complements your outfit. Don’t overdo them to so as to have time for you to concentrate on him as he focuses on you. Getting the right jewelry complement, makes easy for him to make a move on you.


coffee dateIf your natural looks are excellent, then go for the coffee date naturally without any makeup. However, if you don’t feel confident enough with your natural looks, apply a little makeup and ensure you do it right.

Don’t over make your face, avoid additional colors that will embarrass you when you sweat.  This is where you should also eliminate excessive hair on the body. Therefore, the use of Laser hair removal machines would help ease the job for you.

Remember you have to ensure that the day ends right. Therefore, you can put on makeup that suggests something to him. Let him read between the lines. Finally, round up your grooming with a seductive scent that has a sweet aroma.

Ensure the aroma does not overpower your outfit. Keep it simple.


A coffee date with your husband on his birthday should turn out to be the best romantic date for him. It’s your time away from home, and away from the kids, therefore you should ensure that every discussion you make while on the date is strictly for the both of you. You can also guarantee to bring in a surprise gift to complete the date.

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