Tips on Getting Daily Energy

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Do you ever start the day off and just feel like you’re already beat? Do you struggle to feel energized throughout the day, and frequently feel lethargic and tired? Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of people today struggle with getting the boost of energy to accomplish everything they set out to do through the day.

America’s go-to wakeup

Coffee fuels our nation. America drinks about 400 million cups of coffee per day (per day!) which goes to show you that it’s our favorite way to get the morning boost that we need. Coffee ranges from what you get from a quick drive-thru to a sit-down experience with artisan coffee, artfully crafted into beautiful foam patterns.

While nothing can ever replace coffee in our morning routine, the following are some natural ways to get energy without the crash that often follows coffee consumption:

Eat nutritionally

Getting the energy you need to go through your day doesn’t depend only on what you do right after you wake up. It’s about living a balanced lifestyle and being healthy throughout the day.

Eating food with nutritional value makes it easier for your body to produce much-needed energy when you are ready to tackle the day. This starts in the morning, with a balanced breakfast that gives you an initial boost of vitamins and energy.

But it is also important to eat healthy snacks and lunches. Remember that certain superfoods can provide a boost of energy that is more sustained and more effective than caffeine. For example, look into matcha tea, which gives steady energy without the crash, or foods with healthy fats, like avocado and banana.

Remember that a sudden injection of junk food in the middle of your day can make you crash, hard. On top of all of this, be sure to continuously drink water and stay hydrated, since dehydration will have the same effect.

Have a better sleep schedule

When you feel lethargic and worn down every single day, it means that something is wrong. Life wasn’t supposed to be lived this way! For many people, this is because their sleep schedule is horribly unreliable, or even directly destructive.

Simply put, your body needs rest. How can you expect to have the energy to get through the day in a positive and productive way on only a few hours of sleep? That is a surefire way to fall apart.

Try to set up a schedule that allows you to get the sleep your body and mind need to recharge. One of the biggest obstacles to accomplishing this, today, is electronic devices. For this reason, it’s important to put the phone away and try to sleep without any distractions.

Exercise naturally gives you energy

Getting regular exercise already has a plethora of different health benefits, such as keeping you in shape and reducing your risk of certain disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or type 2 diabetes.

However, on top of all of that, regularly exercising also helps level out your body and brain’s chemical production (as this article explains), which helps you get the energy that you need to be active and power through the day. Exercising regularly also helps improve your sleep cycle, which we talked about, above.

This is because the endorphins produced by exercising help your body use its energy during the day, and allow your brain into rest-mode, quickly. On top of all that, the psychological benefits of exercise improve your confidence and give you a mental alertness that makes you feel in the moment.

Staying positive keeps you alert and attentive

Many studies have shown that your thought patterns actually have a powerful effect on your energy levels. If you’re feeling depressed or even just negative and regretful, your memory slows down, your attention is harder to focus, and your body starts to feel lethargic. Depression is a serious condition that affects all of us at some point or another.

However, barring a clinical condition, you can often steer clear of negative patterns by establishing healthier thinking habits. Try practicing positivity and gratitude, and see what an effect it has on your day!

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