Looking to Redesign your Living Room – A Coffee Table Can Be a Key Design Element

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Designing a coffee table is easier than you think. Sure, you can always adorn it with books, candles, trays, and flowers, but if you really want to make it stand out, you might want to consider redesigning the entire living room.

Contrary to popular belief, revamping the décor in a living area doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are tips and tricks you can take into account to make your coffee table stand out. Here are some ideas that you can use to get inspired from.

Contained grouping

Gathering a collection of decorative items that are very different and placing them nicely in a wooden serving or tray conveys cohesion. The idea is highly recommended if you have a soft or uneven coffee table.

Some décor items don’t look properly when placed directly on the table. To make them appear compact, grouping them together to make them feel grouped is an excellent way to give your table décor a uniform and neat appeal.

Less is more – all eyes on minimalistic decor

In home décor, the coolest trend emphasizes on the idea that less is more. Design simplicity permits us to focus our attention on other elements of décor in a room.

A breathable space that conveys a sense of cleanness has a very special minimalistic allure. Furthermore, depending on the purpose of your coffee table, it’s definitely one of the most practical and useful approaches to do something different and interesting, without pushing things over the edge.

Glass decorations everywhere

Designing a coffee table using glass is the best and most practical way of revamping your home décor without breaking the bank. Glass welcomes natural light inside the home.

Books, flowers, and candles will look a lot better on a glass table with a shelf, where you can place magazines underneath, or craft an appealing mini-bar. It all depends on how you want your living area to look like.

It’s equally important to decorate wisely; don’t overlook the color palette present within your home. Balance is key!

Mini-bar on the coffee table

If you have a sizable coffee table, and you don’t know what to do with the extra space, you can include a mini bar into the coffee table décor. Invest in fancy liquor bottles made of glass, and include at least 3-4 varieties.

Cocktail ingredients can also be added to the mix, as well as ice to make sure your guests are well-taken care of. Keep in simple and try not to over decorate the table. A couple of cigars placed strategically close to the liquor bottles, and potted bonsai plant should be enough.

Terrariums and potted plants

Terrariums are excellent if you’re not into plant maintenance and watering. Invest in a colorful specimen and your coffee table will look sublime.

Complement the décor with a pile of books and some scented candles, and don’t forget to emphasize on color. Choose a dominant palette and make the coffee table your living room’s main centerpiece.

Potted plants are also recommended, although if there’s not enough natural light within the room, you should skip them – unless you’re planning to buy a cactus. Most decorative plants need natural light and water daily.

Play with linens

Who says coffee tables can’t be decorated with linens? There are all kinds of linen varieties you can use to make the décor pop. For example, you can invest in a chic, patterned tablecloth for your coffee table.

Choose a palette that best matches with your home’s décor. For example, a mix of mint green and dark brown can go perfectly with your home’s curtain material (which should also be top-quality cotton).

There are lots of ideas you can take into account to revamp your living room and make it stand out. The good news is, if you plan your budget accordingly, you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Buy the best throw pillows and invest in a top-quality rug. Flower pots, nice curtains, and candles are chic accessories that will instantly change your home’s design without too much work or cash. The secret is to mix and match; however, do it wisely for your living room to exude freshness and originality.


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