How to Dress up for a Coffee Date at Home?

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coffee dateDressing up for a coffee date at home doesn’t have to be that nerve-wracking. The key to looking your best is to wear comfortable clothes and a big bright smile on your face.

Getting together in your own private space puts you at an advantage. It’s your comfort zone, meaning that you have nothing to be nervous about. True beauty comes from within, and clothes are just make to make a first impression.

Sadly, appearance is not everything. It’s equally important to make your date feel comfortable too. Here are some amazing tips on how to dress to impression on a date.

Casual clothes

Since the date is at your place, there’s really no need to wear heels and too many accessories. Keep things simple, and you’ll have his undivided attention.

A trendy denim shirt and a pair of A-line black pants might do the trick. Or, if you want to show that you’re a true lady, you can just as easily wear a baby-doll dress. As for the make-up, you can never go wrong with nude.

Put the eyelines someplace safe, and let your date meet the real you. Clothes can say a lot about someone’s personality, meaning that it’s best to play it safe. Steer clear of clothes that are too revealing. You don’t want to give your date the wrong impression.


Flats, loafers, and sneakers are excellent for a coffee date at home. These are the most recommended because they allow you to move around the house without fearing that you’ll trip and fall. Who knows how long the date will be? If you invited him over for coffee, he might want to reply with the invitation to go for a walk, or just sit on the terrace to have a nice conversation.


coffee dateFreshly-washed, loose hair works miracles. Rather than try too much, it’s better to be cool.

An over-sophisticated hairdo could imply that you want to get out of the house, when you want to do is have coffee at home.

Men are drawn by women who don’t try very hard to look impeccable. Just remember – perfection doesn’t exist. Get fresh, beach waves if you want to sweep him off his feet, but one again, keep it simple.

A nice, colorful hair clip might be recommended to grab his attention and make him look straight into your eyes for the whole duration of the date.

Clothes go hand in hand with home décor

A date at home can be a success if you match your clothes with your home décor. In fact, a smooth color blend helps take the edge off. For example, if you have dark brown curtains in the living area, and a nice wooden coffee table in a natural color, wear something brown to add more balance.

If you’re daring kind of gal, wear bright yellow. Sometimes is good to have a little contrast added to the mix. Create a romantic ambiance with flower pots, candles, and chic decorative pillows; dim the lights and magic might happen.

Proper planning

Avoid dying your hair the day before the date because the pungent smell of the dye might push him away. Have a plan in mind to curl it or straighten it too.

It’s ok to be prepared for the date, and plan accordingly. But since you’re meeting at home, there’s really no point to dress up. Have the date on the terrace or somewhere in the living where the ambiance is peaceful and relaxing. Dress comfortably and find a way to make him feel at home.


As far as makeup is concerned, it’s very important to make a sensible choice. Don’t take foolish risks. If you have a tricky complexion, it’s best to go for a natural foundation for sensitive skin.

Only use a discreet dash of blush on the cheeks, and compliment the look with a high-quality illuminator for a fresher appearance. Mascara is highly recommended because it opens the eyes, although you might want to ditch the eyeshadow. It’s a date at home, meaning that you shouldn’t look way to elegant.

Dressing up for a coffee date at home doesn’t have to be that nerve-wracking. All you need to do to look impeccable is be yourself. Let your smile be your greatest asset. Believe it or not, sometimes a big bright smile can work better than even the most expensive accessories.


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