Managing Your Business Over a Cup of Coffee

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Running your own business from a coffee shop might seem a little impossible to those without a little imagination. If you draw your inspiration over a cup of joe, then you know that all things are possible, with a little creativity.

You can certainly manage your business from a coffee shop if you take advantage of the many different resources at your disposal.

For instance, let us say you need help answering phones, since it is not always convenient to do so in the middle of a café. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you get the job done, without having to spend a ton of money renting out office space.

You will also find yourself freed up, having more time to focus on what is really important instead of distracting calls, often from marketers who will not have any positive impact on your business whatsoever.

When you need to start marketing yourself, and you know that this is not your particular expertise, you can still execute an entire ad campaign from the comfortable café you have selected as your headquarters.

Know when and where to ask for help, and you will find your productivity, in addition to your leads and sales, is enhanced 10-fold. You don’t need to specialize in everything, just what makes your business so unique.

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If you are running your business from a coffee shop, don’t sweat the small stuff. Let professionals handle aspects that don’t fit your busy day, and you can focus on what really counts.


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