Learn How to Make Cold-Brew Coffee

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cold brew coffeeCold-brew coffee begins with the entire bean coffee. As with any coffee, you need to begin with high quality, freshly roasted beans. Freshly roasted beans will look plump and glossy while old beans will appear dry and dull. The fresh beans have more taste and will provide a much better cup of coffee– no matter if you are preparing to brew it hot or iced. Here, I’m utilizing a dark roast coffee, but you can choose any kind of coffee that you want.

The beans must be ground right before you make your brew. You can have them ground at the shop or coffee shop where you bought them, or you could grind them yourself. After grinding, you simply have to combine the coffee with water and wait.

The cold brewing process is slow and requires from 12 to 24 hours. I usually brew my coffee for 12-14 hrs. If your coffee is very coarsely ground or you simply favor a more extreme coffee, you ought to opt for a longer brew time. Though the brew time is prolonged, the cold-brewed coffee is silky and flavorful, with virtually none of the acidity that you get in hot-brewed coffee.

This method produces a concentrated coffee that needs to be thinned down with water prior to when it is served. Not only does a coffee concentrate mean that you’ll have the ability to make more portions with one batch of cold brew, yet it signifies that you’ll be able to completely individualize the coffee to suit your preferences. You could use a small amount and treat it like espresso to get an iced latte, or merely dilute it with water until it reaches that ideal consistency (less water if you like it strong) prior to serving.

My Recipe

  • This should make 2 cupscold_brew_coffee_06


  • 6 oz of whole coffee beans
  • 32 ozs of water


Step 1:

Coarsely grind the coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Place grounds in a large pitcher. Pour water over the top of the beans and stir to combine. Refrigerate for 12-24 hours

Step 2:

Using a coffee filter or cheese cloth, strain the grounds out of the chilled coffee. The mixture may need to be strained twice to remove any fine grounds.

Step 3:

Use 1 part coffee concentrate and 1 to 2 parts water (depending on how strong you like your coffee) and combine over ice for smooth, satisfying cold-brew coffee. Sweeten to taste, if needed.

I was thinking this over

You can do all this at home with just a large pitcher and maybe some old coffee filters you have lying around but if you are like me I need some kind of appliance that was built just to make this whole process more easy and convenient. Something that supplied all the things in an easy to use package. Well, I found something on Amazon that really does fit the bill.



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