How to Get a Creative Look for Your Coffee Table this Holiday Season

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You surely got into the holiday spirit already and if you haven’t started already, now it’s the time to think about decorating your house with adorable Christmas themed objects.

While the stars of the season are definitely the Christmas tree, the patio and the windows, we sometimes neglect other places of the house. Decorating your coffee table can really bring together all the sparkly enhancements all around or make for a nice centerpiece by itself if you don’t want to go over the top.

Wrap your coffee table

A resourceful and very simple way to make your coffee table stand out is to wrap it like a gift. Use fabric or paper to cover the top of the table, securing it with staples or tape.

You can use red and green traditional patterns, like pine trees, peppermint canes and snowflakes or you can choose a more sophisticated, modern look by using metallic fabrics and minimalistic patterns (stars, snowflakes or just sparkles). Add a wide shiny tape and tie it into a bow as a centerpiece.

Vases filled with decorations

When you don’t want your decorations to spill out everywhere and bother you when using your everyday objects just put them into containers. You can use clear vases you already have around the house and fill them with pinecones, small pine branches, star anise and mini globes.

If you want an extra touch you can paint the pinecones or acorns with metallic or colorful spray paint and create a monochromatic or two-colored arrangement. If you don’t have any vases, just use some pretty plates, bowls, boxes or baskets as your base.

Bring out the candles

This idea goes not only for Christmas, but it can be even more magical during the winter holidays. Use decorative candles to create a lovely centerpiece. You can decorate the candles with string or bows and add small branches and miniature bells or globes to make it pop.

The lovely candle light will create an intimate, cozy atmosphere. You can also use scented candles to add another dimension to the Christmas spirit. Use apple spice, vanilla or pine fragrances to delight you and your guests. Careful if you have pets or small children, though.

Pillows, pillows and more pillows!

When you have guests over, it can be a challenge to get everyone seated, especially in a smaller home. Your coffee table can be a gathering point and you can arrange decorative, fluffy pillows around it for guests to lounge and grab the goodies from the table easily.

You can purchase printed or knitted pillow case or even make them yourself. Find simple tutorials online for creating pillow cases from old Christmas sweaters or choose your own fabric and sew them over a free night to relax and unwind. Decorate them with pompoms, tassels or lace bands to add personality.

Serve fruit with style

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas ham and the heavy, rich sweets during this time of the year, but the fruit intake should not be neglected. You can make beautiful arrangements for the coffee table using oranges, mandarins, apples and walnuts.

They will look wonderful and spread their lovely scents around the room, inviting the family members and guests to dig in. Top your fruit bowl or basket with greenery and add some warm spices to the mix, like anise, cloves and cinnamon sticks.

Coffee table books

There is an entire genre in the book industry for this little versatile piece of furniture. For the winter holidays, put out Christmas or winter themed albums and books on your coffee table.

You can choose photography albums to show winter in your local area, for example. You can also put postcards and a pen, so that your family will be motivated to write a few loving words to the family and friends who can’t make it to the house.

Making your home look jolly for this holiday season and easier than you think. It all starts with the coffee table. If you can make that work your entire living room will be filled with joy and merriment.

Decide on a statement color palette, place globes and designer fabrics on the tables, as well as lots of scented candles to create the best holiday mood for your family and friends.



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