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home decorating tipsHome decoration can be a difficult task, if you are not aware of the right strategies. If you can apply simple strategies, with some colors and designs, you can definitely bring radical changes in your room. Here are some decorating tips that can be effective for your rooms.

Pictures On Dresser:  You can frame some of your pictures in the smaller frames and keep them together on the top of the dresser or on the writing table. You should never hang them on the walls. Small pictures on the walls may create visual noise.

For beautifying the entire area, you must provide a unified look. You can use the same frames or at least made up of the same materials. Make sure that the size of the pictures is also same in nature.

Dress Up Your Mantel:  Try not to overcrowd your mantel with small decorative pieces. Instead, you can place two large exquisite vases. The vases need not be filled with flowers; even the empty ones will fill up space in a nice manner.

The well-dressed mantel will surely draw the attention even from a long distance. You can go with tall vessels that can be complemented, with the height of the chimney.

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If you have placed any mirror or painting, make sure that you are not obstructing their view by placing the vases. Select the curvy vases that include the rounded opening to provide the excellent look.

Mute Palette: When you are using fewer colors in a room, the room will appear soothing and pleasant. If you are choosing furniture for a room, ensure a proper unified look. For selecting the ideal furniture, you may visit home furnishing stores.

When you are limiting your palette colors, you are actually providing the furniture to take on the role of the center stage. Even the curves of the chairs and tables will stand out in this case. You can use the brighter shade of white color for echoing the upholstery and furniture of the room.

Use Area Rugs As Carpets:  You can use the area rugs for carpeting your floors. The rugs can provide the comfort and warm look. You can use layering in your rugs to provide the warmth and the calm effect.

For the best appearance, you should use tightly woven carpet with a solid tone of colors. Zebra prints or some fluffy textures can also be used according to your preference.

Take Care Of The Centerpieces:  When you are using the centerpieces, you must be careful about the colors. There must not be too many flowers in huge bouquets.  Strongly scented flowers are also not advisable as some of the family members may have allergies with that strong aroma.

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Accumulate The Similar Colors At One Place: When you are using the colors from the single family, they can easily be blended. You are not required to match the colors, but various shades of the same colors may effortlessly look good.

For example, you can paint your walls in green colors and can select the curtains as dark khaki. You can use bright colored sofa covers with cushions in botanical print covers. Your decorative pieces on the coffee table or the center table can include nicely shaped pebbles or decorative eggs. Make sure they are the different shades of similar colors.

All these tips can surely provide a beautiful end result for your home décor. You must know the right ways of displaying the artworks and the centerpieces in your home. If you hang large pictures on the wall, it can be supported with the plywood for protecting it.


Author Bio: David Wicks is a professional interior designer who can provide a B2B furnishings guide. In this article, he is providing some tips for excellent home décor.



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