Introducing Proper Light into Your Coffee & Reading Nook

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A great deal of homeowners love and cherish their private nooks and corners where they can retreat with a book or a tablet and dive into their favourite read with a warm cup of coffee. You can make a relaxing haven out of anything from a secluded part of a bedroom to a whole room you have at your disposal.

The two most important features this space must have are serenity and comfort. To make it truly comfortable and welcoming, you have to introduce a careful selection of light fixtures that will set the mood and won’t harm your eyes.

Here’s a collection of tips on how to adjust the lighting in a room to make it more inviting and snuggled.

Make use of task lighting

While many people think about chairs when a cozy nook is in question, they tend to forget that proper lighting is equally important for a comfortable reading spot. For starters, determine how much light you need for your reading corner or a room.

Also, decide whether you tend to use it more for daytime or night-time reading and chilling.

A simple and quick illumination solution for the tiny alcoves could come in the form of task lighting. This includes desk or floor based lamps that provide enough light for modestly-sized spaces but don’t steal away from its footage.

The power of windows

Windows provide a great source of illumination for private and relaxing corners or rooms, however big or small they are. It’s scientifically proven that the lack of natural light often leads to foul mood and depression.

To prevent that from happening, pick a spot or a room that’s equipped with large windows, a skylight or even a space that reflects light from a room next to it (the moon effect!).

On the other hand, the light in the summer can get a little too bright and obstruct your reading. To get rid of the annoying glare, put up some sheer curtains or cover the panes with an anti-glare treatment. This will make your eyes less fatigued and ready for longer reading sessions.

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Custom lighting options

Since natural light cannot provide an all-day illumination to our special nook, we have incorporate other fixtures and solutions as well.

You can customise your private book club and coffee-sipping spot by introducing items that complement your personal reading style and health requirements (eyesight issues).

In a recent chat with the guys at Superlight, it was brought to my attention that you can accomplish a perfect reading ambience with a combination of overhead fixtures, pendant lamps or selection of recessed lights. Bear in mind that poorly lit corner in your bedroom will need more powerful lights than a big, sunlit room.

Smart paintjob

Contrary to popular belief that only walls painted white can improve the room’s brightness, we bring you a revolutionary idea that rich, saturated tones are superior to light tints in some cases.

While big rooms go hand in hand with creamy and off-white paint jobs, smaller corners and poorly lit rooms could actually benefit more from super-saturated colours.

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While whites look cold and dull in the shadow, vivid hues thrive in it, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. You should basically pick the colours that absorb shadow and instill a calming air to the room, like jewel tones.

Emerald, pine and other shades of green are great colour suggestions that introduce warmth to the shadowy reading nooks and produce an invariable calming effect.

Use of accessories

As a part of the personalisation step, you can employ a variety of accessories that reflect or trap the light, just make sure they don’t generate excessive glare. For example, mirrors can bounce the natural light from the outside but also reflect the beams of the indoor fixtures. Also, take into account that glass menagerie such as chandeliers, glass table tops and crystal figurine can create a gentle, sparkling sensation.

Proper lighting can turn a gloomy, forgotten corner of your bedroom into your favourite reading place in the house. With the smart combination of light fixtures, paintjob, windows and reflecting surfaces, you can accomplish this in your home as well.

coffee nook ideas

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