Coffee Table: How to Put Your Name on It

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coffee tableCoffee table is a multi-functional element of interior decoration and often a central item in the room, so it’s advisable for us to take our time picking out the right design.

The table can store our beverages and food, as well as books and magazine collections. It can be also used as a leg rest and a drawing station for children. Here’s how to select a model that accommodates your specific needs.

How it Fits the Room

Prior to making a purchase, use the painter’s tape to mark the table’s designated spot and see how it fits into the room décor (footage-wise). Bigger spaces would definitely need a large-scale coffee table and some smaller accompanying elements like benches to connect far corners of the room.

As a bonus, in case of a house party, these can be conveniently moved out. Alternatively, opt for a set of identical coffee tables and have more control of the room’s arrangement.

Height Considerations

When pondering on the height of a coffee table, note that it should be at the same level as the rest of the nearby furniture. The average height is around 18”, although this is highly dependent on the surrounding pieces.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

When it comes to buying living room furniture choosing a coffee table can be difficult. This guide highlights the things you should consider which will make the decision easier for you. The coffee table is an important part of the living room set up for many people. It …

Selecting a table with a lip feature is a great spillage-proof solution for adults and kids alike. Just make sure the height of the lip doesn’t top the highpoint of the neighbouring seating or you will find yourself constantly colliding with it when trying to put your drink down.

Preserve the Flow

If you don’t want the coffee table to be the conspicuous, focal point of the room, opt for the glass top and a stealth-like finish.

This way you can preserve the undisturbed room flow and allow the spectators to notice other design elements like a new, stunning rug. Another option is to go for metal-frame tables with the inset glass surface, if the green side-tint of the all-glass top doesn’t match the room’s palette.

Cosy Vibe and Storage Potential

If you’re determined to achieve a comfortable, homely atmosphere, you may want to exploit the table’s storage potential and fill in the empty space underneath.

coffee tableYou can use anything from trunks, stash baskets and old suitcases and complement the overly open space under the simple, legged tables. When it comes to sharp-edged tables, you should provide sufficient space around them in order to ensure easy movement and save your shins from injury.

Colour and Fabric

If you want a pure and simple layout, opting for modern timber furniture will introduce the unadulterated natural colours to your interior.

However, if you want to play with the hues, purchase an upholstered coffee table and select the fabric after your own heart. To balance out the vivid choice of fabrics, go neutral with the top tray tint.

When it comes to materials, it’s wise to go for some resilient options, like the ones you can see on the outside furniture. Padded coffee tables should be both comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of table accessories, refreshment trays and people’s feet.


There are so many styles and types of coffee tables on the market, so we have narrowed the selection a bit to help you make your choice:

  1. Ottoman coffee tables are sure-fire crowd gatherers and an outstanding addition to the room, as long as you pick the right material and design. Also, mind the table height and the depth of tufts.
  2. Round and oval coffee tables could substantially increase your guests’ circulation and interaction, since their shape maximises the number of chairs and seats you can add.
  3. Remodelled, vintage tables offer a whiff of history to the environment, as long as they’re properly redone and stable.
  4. Unique sculptural coffee table installations add an artistic air to the room and a specific level of warmth according to their material and colour.

When you are looking for the perfect coffee table, the best guideline you can employ is to seek the balance between practicality and aesthetics. Here are some expert tips in terms of style, material and size.


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