Coffee House Air Conditioning: The Essentials

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Modern-design-coffee-house-decoratingA good coffee house is not only about a decent cup of coffee, great location and pleasant staff, but also about how the customers are feeling when they are in it.

A plenty of different factors impacts that, but one of the most important, yet often overlooked is pleasant temperature. Although the customer is always first, coffee house owners should always keep in mind the costs of heating and cooling, and thus try to find the best solution for both their budget and their guests.

Here are some things to consider when deciding about your coffee house air conditioning solutions.

The Appropriate Aesthetics

Although it may seem the least important, aesthetics of the air conditioning system is crucial for a coffee house. You do not want your customers to spend their coffee breaks by staring at unpleasant and bulky devices that stand out of your overall décor.

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It just might be that the next time, they will go to your competition, and you will be left wondering “why”. Avoid that from happening by choosing a system that blends with your overall décor, without compromising its spaciousness. Some of the different units you can consider are wall-mounted, ceiling cassettes, ceiling-mounted and floor-mounted.

The Question of Costs

Money makes the world go round and your air conditioning system working, so it is only natural to think about cost efficiency when choosing a heating/cooling system. Heat pump air conditioners are one of the most affordable options, since they can extract the heat from the outside air, instead of making it by themselves.

This also works at very low temperatures and with minimal power consumption. Heat pumps do not require repairs often, but when they do, the problem is usually some simple troubleshoot of the thermostat, we learn from Sydney-based pros for aircon repairs.

Effective Control

Essentially, effective control is another way to cut the costs, but also to make your coffee-house more earth-friendly. There is not always the same number of guests inside your coffee place, so the air conditioning requirements can vary throughout the day.

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External weather conditions also play an important role here. To adapt the temperature to these special factors, you should use a DC inverter control which can manipulate the energy usage. You can also consider installing a smart thermostat system, which is a very popular solution for home air conditioning.

Decide between Split System and Packaged Air Conditioners

There are two types of air conditioning systems you can use, depending on your needs and some other factors.

  • Split system air conditioning has two types of units. There are those with one and those with several indoor units. The latter ones have one unit outside of the building and at least one on the inside and the two of them are connected by pipes. This system offers the highest energy-efficiency you can get (especially in heating mode), so in most cases, it is the best road to take. Still, if your coffee house does not have a suitable position for the outdoor unit, or you do not have time for demanding works and difficult installation (which should always be performed by pros), split system may not be the best for your coffee place.
  • Packaged air conditioners, on the other side, require minimal installation effort. Also, they come in some very fine designs, which can blend into every décor perfectly. They have a single indoor unit which is discretely connected to the outdoor wall. One of the downsides of this solution is somewhat limited sitting space inside the coffee house. Although they are not as energy-efficient as split system, they do have a high-efficiency heat pump that provides cooling during the spring/summer and heating in the fall/winter.

Comfortable and controllable temperature is also important for the staff that has to be kind and friendly throughout their working day. Although seemingly unimportant and invisible, air conditioning system impacts the overall reputation of your coffee house, so take care of it, as soon as possible.

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