How to Effectively Light a Coffee Shop

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light a coffee shopLighting is a potent tool when in hands of a seasoned designer or an architect. An adequate illumination scheme seamlessly complements the elements of interior decoration, including furniture and the overall use of space. However, the importance of the properly setup lighting is frequently overlooked.

A popular coffee shop is a delight to all the senses. The aromas and tastes, the music, the surface finishes, artwork, people and light are all working together to create a superior coffee shop experience.

When the designers make carefully thought-out decisions, it significantly contributes to a really good first impression that makes people come back over and over. Here’s what you should consider when looking to manoeuver that illusive but powerful ingredient, the light.

Main points of the lighting design

  1. The space functionality
  2. Perception of the visible space and forms
  3. The image owners want to convey
  4. The choice of colours and their appropriation
  5. The usage of surface finishes
  6. The overall atmosphere

There are numerous approaches you can adopt when the coffee shop illumination is in question, and it all depends on the effect you want to obtain. Would you rather put an accent on comfort and causal feel or make it wow-worthy and dramatic, for instance?

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Different lighting patterns and methods are able to instill an ambiance of intimacy, relaxation, spaciousness or leisure, among others.

It also matters what sections of the coffee shop will be illuminated. It’s on you to choose between peripheral or overhead focus, non-uniform or uniform type of illumination, dimmers or bright bulbs to create a certain, desired impression.

Once you make these decisions, the designer can compose a perfect combination of the lighting options. These key words stand out: layering, light level and illumination control.

General types and special characteristics

light a coffee shopLet’s begin with the general ambient lights. They are unequalled masters of the uniform, base-level light for the entire place.

You can achieve it via simple track lights, stylish recessed LED downlights or opt for indirect illumination, say the people at Superlight. The last one incorporates the hidden lights that use the ceiling as a reflecting surface. Finally, you may smartly combine any of these.

You can generate unique dynamics in the given coffee shop space with accent art pieces and signature architectural elements.

The focus lighting is usually significantly brighter than the ambient kind. The reflective properties of the resident surfaces are also playing a part in this matter.

When it comes to feature (decorative) lighting pieces such as sconces or chandeliers, they are great for introduction of visual and spatial hierarchy when combined with other fixtures.

In such cases, minimise the number of ambient lamps for easier maintenance.

Lastly, the level at which the fixtures are placed may vary according to its use in different sections. For example, entryway, the counter, the hangout area are all asking for a specific light setup.

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Adjust the light levels to the space function so the customer can fully enjoy their stay at all times. You wouldn’t believe how the change in level can subtly set the mood and energy aura of the establishment.

The adaptability

It’s essential you have a lighting control at your disposal in the form of dimming function. This is basically what modulates the given coffee shop conditions. It recommendable you install a smart system that has daytime and night time mode, as well as seasonal settings.

You can even programme particular scenes, clock display, fading transition (day to night circumstances) and light level management for the energy preservation.

The obligatory sustainability standards

It’s rather necessary to think about the sustainable practices concerned with the energy use. Also, the government prescribes a certain set of regulations that simply have to be covered as a part of the design idea, and this requires professional technical knowledge.

There are many light sources that should be taken into consideration in low voltage varieties such as LED, halogen and fluorescent types. The aspect of colour compatibility is equally challenging as the space cohesion depends on its results.

Coffee shops are not just random spots that provides an array of beverages. They’ve become popular meeting places, and effective light organisation is responsible for it.

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