Creative Ideas for Designing a Coffee Bar in Your Home

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coffee barNothing kills the mood like running low on caffeine. Going to your local coffee shop can take significant time and resources, and sometimes it is just not worth it. Then you start thinking about making your own coffee bar, inside your home.

Brilliant idea, and since we are already at it, here are a couple of creative ideas that will help you design it and run it smoothly.

Imagine it already being set up

Try and look at your home from a wide prospective. See if the coffee shop fits at all. Great, it does so now your only problem is where to set it up. It does not matter; it is not like it is going to take half of your kitchen.

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Choose an area close to your kitchen and turn the shelves into mug hangers. Place an espresso machine on the counter and buy several different types of coffee and place them on your shelves along with various types of sugar. Some people enjoy drinking coffee with different spices, but since this is going to be your own private coffee bar, your taste in coffee is all that matters.

Listen to your own needs, and try and fulfill as many as possible.

The service

Once you have everything set up and well organized, it is time to purchase that coffee table along with that vintage cart you have been seeing in the mall lately. The best way to put that cart to use is to transform it into a breakfast station.

coffee bar in your homePlace a small espresso machine on top of it, couple of mugs and add a latte bowl filled with creamers to shake things up a little. Keep the station in your kitchen, and as soon as you wake up, go straight to it and enjoy your morning coffee.

The best part is – whenever your caffeine level drops during the day, remember that you have your own coffee station and do not have to worry about going to the store.

Start decorating

Improving your own coffee bar is a never ending procedure. There are so many things that can be done to make the place look better. Start by throwing in a great lighting around the bar, which will reflect the mood and the need for coffee.

Once you have a perfect light on spot, set up a few chairs, comfy ones where you could sit down and relax while drinking the best coffee. Purchase one of those warm and comfy runner rugs in order to feel as cozy as possible. Get a few decals online and put them on the wall around the coffee bar. Another thing you can do is purchase a set of mugs spelling “coffee”, or something else trending.

Be creative, and do things that you always wanted to do.

Chalkboard wall

Are you also amazed by the chalkboards found in most coffee shops? They are just perfectly made for a room filled with coffee. By adding a few wooden shelves, you will create that rustic accent and all your friends will be impressed.

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Write down a slogan, or anything that you find fitting. Leave a small space just above the espresso machine where you will write daily specials, just to keep things interesting. Possibilities are limitless, and everything you want to do with it – you should.

Once you have everything inside your home, you can invite all your friends over for a nice coffee. Let them sit in your comfy chairs, make them feel comfortable and show them your espresso-making skills. Do not be surprised if your coffee bar becomes the next favorite place for hanging around.

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