4 Terrific Ideas for Bathroom Countertops; Towels, Mirror and Design

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towelBathrooms are made of little things. Attention to small details in a bathroom is the secret ingredient of a flawless bathroom design. One of the small details is the countertop in the bathroom. There are literally so many ideas of bathroom countertops that you may get super confused while picking one for remodeling your bathroom.

Bathroom countertops – Mirror on the wall, hook or rail for towels on the side, and the sink

Before we delve into the details about different bathroom countertops, let’s define the important elements of a bathroom countertop. First of all, the sink is part of the countertop, there is always a hook or railing (depending on the space) for towels and the mirror is on the front wall of the countertop.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Glass bathroom countertops amplify light and expand spatial perceptions — especially when paired with a see-through vanity and translucent vessel sink.

These three elements are a must for a countertop. These days, since space is so limiting, most people miss the hook or railing for towels. Well, it is criminal because people will use the sink, which is engraved in the countertop, to wash their face or hand many times a day.

So towels near the sink make sense. Speaking of towels, you can get them at amazing towels online in Australia at discounted prices from lyallway.co.au. The other online places to buy towels in Australia are izzz.com.au and beddingsquare.com.au .

Anyway, getting back to our topic, here are four terrific bathroom countertop ideas;

Glossy Wood

bathroom countertopsThe glossy wood countertop is a brilliant idea. You can combine the glossy wood countertop with vintage or antique vanity or cabinetry. Glossy wood definitely makes a solid style statement.

Also, it receives medium-tone stains because of many coats of polyurethane. Just keep one thing in mind before ordering a glossy wood countertop, it should match the overall interior of your bathroom.

Marble Top

Marble tops are considered the only option for a kitchen because of their rich and shiny presence. Well, you can bring the same sophistication in your bathroom as well by installing a marble countertop.

The rule of thumb for bathroom marble countertops is to go a shade darker or lighter than the associated cabinets to create a balanced look.

In addition, marble countertops receive fewer stains and they are very easy to clean. In short, they are absolutely bathroom countertop material.

Chocolate Granite

Of course, the chocolate refers to the color here. The granite countertop in the bathroom can be a savior in case you already have a very heavy and furniture-like vanity.

Guide to Selecting Bathroom Countertops | DIY Bathroom Ideas …

Bathroom countertops can make a statement and still be practical, providing additional workspace. Choosing a particular material can set the tone of the room .

If everything is too heavy in the bathroom than going for cream colored granite bathroom countertop seems like a right thing to do.

Glass Countertops

Glass countertops, if paired with right amenities, look phenomenal and modern. A see through glass countertop along with glass sink and transparent vanity will be a great grouping. To add more flavor to this idea, you can play with lights and silver faucets and hook/railing for towels.

The glass countertop idea explained here is a genuine example of modern bathroom styling and design. Although, do remember, by implementing this idea, you are committing to a lifetime of cleaning and maintenance.


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