Creative Ways to Use Coffee

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ways to use coffee

For a whole host of people, coffee is one of the best parts of waking up in the morning. Sometimes, the simple smell of a fresh, brewing pot of coffee is all you need to be happy about crawling out of bed, no matter how exhausted you are.

This magical substance gives people a much needed boost of energy throughout the day. Indeed, this magical substance has probably kept more than one industry afloat (I’m looking at you, Hollywood!).

It’s even a contributor to the big exports of Brazil’s economy, which have helped it explode in economic growth over the past decade. However, even for people who don’t drink coffee, there is a wide variety of uses for coffee that has nothing to do with drinking it. Here’s a handful of the ways this wonder blend of beans and water can contribute to your day-to-day existence…

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Skin purposes

One of the most useful parts, pragmatically, of the coffee experience is the grounds that remain after you have brewed your fresh pot. Coffee grounds have a wide array of practical uses that can make things more convenient, as well as save you money in the long run. One useful function of coffee grounds is that you can use it as a skin exfoliant.

Making a rub out of spare coffee grounds can help clean out the pores of your skin, thus getting rid of nasty toxins that can rough up your skin. Using this on your face will leave you feeling soft and energized, and give your skin a natural feeling that is hard to beat. For more information about using coffee as a face scrub, here is a useful article about doing so.


ways to use coffeeConsidering the many natural properties of coffee grounds, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the remnants of your coffee pot can have incredible benefits for your planting soil. Coffee grounds make for a wonderful fertilizer for several reasons. First of all, dried coffee grounds already contain elements of nitrogen and magnesium, as well as potassium, that are all important elements for growing plants.

This also makes these dried coffee grounds relatively acidic, which is important for raising your soil’s pH level to a healthy point. The minerals in dried coffee grounds also attract worms, as they are very nutritious for them to consume.

Attracting worms to your soil helps balance your soil and make it even more fertile, as worms naturally fill the soil with other healthy elements. There are actually many different items around your home that can be used as fertilizer. Check out some of them in this blog post here.

Wood stain

The applications for coffee grounds aren’t just for living things, either, but can also be used on furniture and other home commodities that are made of wood. For example, any sort of darker brown wooden furniture or fixture is bound to end up with a scratch or chip in it at some point in time.

Rather than head out and spend the money on expensive wood stain to try to cover up such a small spot, the clever DIY homeowner can just as easily use a particularly dark brew of coffee to blend these nicks and spots into the rest of the wood. Trust us. We’ve tried it before, and it has worked out splendidly. If you find that the color is too light for the wood you are using (or even too dark), try to brew a pot of coffee with more or less grounds to find the exact tone that you are looking for.

Eliminating odors

If there is one thing that non-coffee drinkers and coffee drinkers alike can agree on, it is that the smell of coffee is amazing, regardless of what you think of the taste. Utilizing this decadent fragrance can be a great way to cleanse out some of the more foul odors that might be found in your home. There are many people who use their leftover coffee grounds to get rid of the smell in garbage disposals, smelly refrigerators, and even litter boxes.

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There are people who even go as far as making air fresheners out of tiny cloth bags and coffee grounds to give their home that natural scent throughout the day. If you are curious about doing this yourself, just take a look at the many designs that the internet has to offer, on this subject!

Natural painkiller

At the end of the day, one of the best things you can do with coffee is drink it. Not only does it make for an incredibly refreshing beverage that can energize you to do your tasks throughout the day, but it can actually have surprising health benefits. For example, the caffeine in coffee can help reduce headaches and migraines, which can help save you from taking medications like ibuprofen and advil, which have their own side effects.

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