Check How a Modern Coffee Table Can Make a Big Statement in a Living Room Decoration

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A living room can’t look complete without an appropriate coffee table. This furniture item is fundamental in a home because it fills up empty spaces, thus making the overall décor look more appealing and interesting.

The right table sets the tone in your living area, and adorning that table with the best accessories makes it stand out. Make a statement and wow your guests with the most innovative coffee table arrangements. Here are some guidelines to help you make the most inspired choices.

Statuesque glamour

Interesting candlesticks add glamour and originality into a space. The taller they are the better chances you have to make an impression and emphasize on that luxurious effect. Consider golden candles and top off the design of the coffee table with a mini tray. Given the height of the candles, you need additional accessories that are smaller to create balance.

Coffee table mini bar

A mini bar on your coffee table will surely impress your guests. Invest in a glass tray and opt for crystal recipients for the whiskey. If your table is ample enough, you can always arrange glasses as well as all sorts of other liquors.

Place the mini bar in the corner of the table, and leave some extra room for additional accessories, such as a flower vase, or an oversized candle. Everyone will be drawn by your beautifully decorated coffee table.

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Book decorations

One of the cheapest, easiest and most ingenious ways to decorate a coffee table is with books. Choose books that might appeal to everyone, and don’t focus on a single genre. Travel books, autobiographies, fashion magazines, are all excellent ideas.

Group them together one over the other, but make sure the pile is not too tall. If you feel that you want to add something else, you can always use extra accessories such as pot plant or a candy bowl to create more diversity.


There’s no secret that the best coffee tables look amazing when they’re decorated with flower vases. However, it is important to choose the appropriate types. Seasonal flowers will give your living room a completely new allure. They will transform your personal space into the most vivid and fresh environment. However, if you’re into the more sophisticated variety, then it’s quite ok to use your imagination and think outside the box.

Tall beautiful callas, lilies, and even begonias are an excellent addition to your coffee table design. If you have a more that screams luxury and minimalism, big beautiful roses placed in an over-sized glass vase will instantly transform your living area into the most exceptional relaxation hub.

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Sleek lantern design

Designer coffee tables are the most difficult to decorate; and that’s because the table itself is a masterpiece. How do you adorn a masterpiece without destroying it? The smartest thing that you can do is to lighten it up. Give it a fresh new look with lanterns. Invest in vintage-inspired models with a contemporary vibe, and stick to white for the main color. The candles should also be white in order to keep everyone focused on the coffee table.

Antique influences

Wooden coffee tables are in trend this season. They can match beautifully with a contemporary living area décor, but they work pretty well in a room that looks simple, classic and chic too. The key to making your table stand out is to decorate it properly. Antique accessories and vintage-inspired bowls are an excellent addition. Choose a dominant color for the décor as well.

Now since wood comes in an earthy, brownish nuance, the hue that matches best is white. Place a beautifully designed rattan bowl on the table, an oversized candle in a glass bowl and you’re done. If you feel that you want to add more, a few magazines should work just fine.

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of any living area. The more innovative they look the better chances you have to make an impression. Wood and glass tables work best because they exude class and originality. Also, they match with any type of home décor and they have that extra ingredient to make a living room look interesting and out of the ordinary.

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