Dress Up your Coffee Table in Style with These Tips

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UntitledThe coffee table is present in lost living rooms and can be a feature which draws people into the room and starts conversations. Who doesn’t love a nicely decorated table, filled with beautiful candles, tea cups, and books? But there’s more. Homeowners should put their creativity to the test and really make their tables grab attention. Here are a few simple ideas to help you decorate a coffee table in style.

Tall and short

Adding a few tall candlesticks will add a touch of grandeur to any coffee table; just be sure not to overdo it! Create balance by having a tray on the table to bring the attention back down to the ground.

Coffee table & bar

Providing you have a big enough table then add a small tray with your favorite drink bottles, preferably in half size bottles. Definitely a talking point and easy to reach when you feel the need!


Every coffee table needs a few books; to show your literary skills and level of education!  Instead of having a stack of books, try laying them out to create a base, with a few simple ornaments on top. The effect is colorful and simple.

Stacked boxes

Untitled1Stacking boxes on your coffee table can create a stunning effect in any artistic style you choose.  The boxes can match or complement each other. They are also an excellent way to hide bits and pieces including the TV remote, and other items you use daily, but don’t want guests to see.

Porcelain accessories

By adding two or three porcelain figures to your table you can create a reflection of your personality and your passion. The pieces will add a feel good vibe to your room and help to make it feel comfortable.

Mix and match

Add something different to the traditional candle, a sea urchin, a bowl of shells or even a bowl of colored glass. This can create a sophisticated and yet intimate addition to any room.


If you have the room, create a piece that will be both functional and stunning. Add a second, preferably matching coffee table to your room and place a statue onto one of the tables. The statue can be made from stone, bronze or something more contemporary. It will add a feeling of grandeur to any room and a touch of drama; guaranteed to get any visitor talking.

Plants and pots

Bring the outdoors inside. However, it is often difficult and time consuming to constantly replace fresh flowers or maintain flowering plants. Instead, opt for something little different, cacti or many grasses come in a variety of colors and are easy to maintain. They will enliven any room and make you feel like you are outside, even on the wettest, coldest days.

Play with shapes

A simple feature can be created by placing a tray on the table; use a circular tray on a rectangular table or a square tray on a circular table. The tray should only have a few small pieces on it; maybe a vase and an ornamental shell. This will create a geometrically pleasing view and appeal to anyone with a minimalistic nature.

Make your coffee table appear personal

It is important to remember that this is not a show house, it is your home. Add a few personal pieces to the table, and make sure you’ve opted for a handmade designer furniture piece, just to wow guests and make them wonder; home-made jewelry, pottery or soaps can create a beautiful feature. Or a few brushes if you are an artist. Add anything which tells the world a little something about you, and what you do.

The ultimate coffee table for vinyl aficionados

Forget coffee table books. Anyone building furniture to enhance the experience of owning and listening to music gets our vote. Right up there is Atocha, a crew of design-minded music lovers that craft mouth-watering cabinets, …


Anything which can add a shimmer to your table will catch the eye of those in the room. This may be an ornate glass or crystal clock, or simply a well positioned magnifying glass. The effect is magnifying!

Last but not least, don’t forget about coverings. A tablecloth can be used to make your table blend into the surroundings more. Instead of hiding the table this draws attention to it and provides a sense of intrigue. It will make you wonder what is under the cloth!


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