How to Get a Chic and Stylish Look for Your Coffee Table

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coffee tableThe majority of living rooms have a coffee table; it is a multi-purpose piece of furniture which is probably used to hold coffee cups, magazines and a host of other items. It is the one piece of furniture which is readily moveable and yet is often overlooked when designing the interior of your house. The following tips will ensure you make the most of this important piece of furniture:


A coffee table should have something on it. This may be a vase of flowers or a small bowl and a couple of magazines. The objects are not as important as the fact that there is something there to attract the eye in a positive way.

Coffee Table Style Tips: Decorate Like A Pro With These 5 Coffee Table Must-Haves

Don’t ignore that table sitting in the center of your living room! Spruce it up with these style tips. By Rachel Cruz |  Coffee Table Style. How can you spruce up your coffee table style? Follow these simple tips.

Blending in

A coffee table can be made to become part of its surroundings. Adding a throw to the top of it will enable it to have an appearance similar to the seats in the room. The type of throw used can create an ambience in any room; surprisingly Indian throws will give any room the feel of an English country house.

The tray

Large coffee tables can be overpowering in some rooms and their affect can be minimalized by simply adding a tray with a few personal items on it. This is also a great way to add some personality to a room. Equally, flowers and books can create a similar effect.

Table dressing

coffee tableAdd a centerpiece! A table dressing will create a striking look in the middle of the room and will always be a talking point. This is great if you often have visitors as it will always break the ice. Some people prefer to keep their house minimalistic and this can actually be complimented by adding one ornament on the middle of the coffee table. It will make a statement whilst remaining simple.

Height matters

A coffee table can become brighter and more interesting simply by stacking a variety of magazines and books on it. The stacks should be neat and of varying heights. Obviously the stacks should not be so high that they are at risk of falling over. Two or three books should be enough and can also be topped with an elegant candle.

Metallic colors

Gold or brass can be tricky colors to add to any room as they can be overpowering. Small amounts of these colors will enhance the room and create a sense of the refined without going over the top.


Coffee tables do not need to be square or rectangular, despite the fact that many of them are made in this shape. Look to purchase one which will fit the space you have; a triangular coffee table can be used to direct peoples gaze from its tip to a specific point in the room. Circular tables offer a symbol of eternity and can help to ground any room.


coffee tableAny coffee table needs to fit with its surroundings. A room of old furniture cannot have a modern coffee table or a modern room cannot have an antique coffee table. However, a modern coffee table can be made to look older by simply adding older artifacts and vintage designer fabrics to the tops or even colored bottles. The attention will be drawn by these objects and not the coffee table itself.


A coffee table can be made from plastic or even metal and be created in a different color to the normal wooden coffee tables that are sold everywhere. However, if you do not wish to purchase a new table it is always possible to add color to your table. You may wish to simply accessorize with some brightly colored dishes or you could cover the entire table with a colorful painting or poster and glass over the top.

The most important thing to remember when styling your coffee table is that it is a personal choice and what works for you and your room may not work for your friend’s or neighbor. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to improvise. Opulent décor items, flowers, old-fashioned items and personal elements make a coffee table appear unique. That should be your goal – to style a coffee table in a way that will wow your guests!


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