Turn Your Coffee Table into your Home’s Main Stage with the Following Ideas

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Coffee TableFor those wanting to take their coffee displays to the next level, or perhaps want to remove the cliché associated with a stereo typically boring staple of the living area, should consider these transformative ideas for their next DIY project. Something new and interesting can be attained by recycling old materials, whether they’re no longer viable or need re-purposing.

If you’re planning on throwing away those forgotten wooden materials, take a gander through the possible arrangements that are setting a new standard in coffee table architecture and design. These original ideas will spark the imagination and open the world of possibilities available to the average consumers.

How to make a sensational summer coffee table display

As the seasons change, I can’t wait to refresh the look of the displays on my coffee table. Through the years, my coffee table bliss has changed. Years ago, when my children were really young, I put so much stuff on the coffee table in our study that


Whether its hard wood design or linen fabric application, price is of little concern with these re-purposed products that cater to both environmentally friendly individuals and those seeking the next best trend.

A  coffee table is in important staple of any home environment. Some that may become broken or degraded over time can be saved through the inventive approach of renewable materials. Taking a DIY approach can potentially save money and also bring a unique personality to the living environment, which may make you the envy of your friends and families.

Wine Crate Coffee Table

This unique approach to coffee table design utilizes old wine crates to transform it into an attractive and practical living room standout. These are comprised of wooden crates that are then joined together with preexisting coffee table legs, including a mod podge matte finish. For those not wanting to fork out $500+ for a new coffee table will take inspiration from this sophisticated design. Creative individuals with a knack for finding resourceful materials, along with implementing accurate measurement guidelines and a hands-on approach, could benefit from a coffee table with this fine wood polish finish.

Coffee Table

Window Coffee Tables

Many folks will be intrigued by this bizarre adaptation of a conventional standard in home living. The ingenious architecture behind this design involves utilizing rough cut cedar board to deliver a product that stands out from the rest. Featuring a hollowed out interior that can be opened at the top surface, users can store magazines and other reading materials to be easily accessed for use later. The low sitting accompanying legs provides little obstruction in the living room setting and allows maximum space and enjoyment of the provided area.

Ottoman Coffee Table

This unconventional and unique approach to coffee table design turns a familiar standard and flips it completely on its side. Designer Suzanne Kasler creates a standard formation of armchairs around the fireplace, before placing down an ottoman directly in the center, draped with a gorgeous Indian blanket to compliment the design. The concept is simple, yet the results are stunning and subtle in approach. Described as an ‘English feeling’ aesthetic, the cross-culture blending of British and African styles creates a unique balance of traditions.

Coffee Table Linen

For those on the opposite spectrum of redesigning their coffee table, they may wish to simply extend or add to the inventory currently standing. Various linen fabric designs, colors and style are available to consumers who may want to take a simpler approach to upgrading their home. Table runners with designs as eclectic as flowers, subtle fabric designs or wild textures, are all accessible through online traders or local shops.

Décor: How to make your coffee table tray chic

Ready to create a lovely summer display on your coffee table? Here’s how to use my go-to design tools to create beautiful displays: 1. TRAYS: Trays are magical in their ability to ground a display, pulling together disparate elements into one cohesive

Textural patterns like flowers often mimic their shapes, with a rectangular shape that reveals intricate gaps between each petal, and subtle shades of green leaves and outlines. These embroidered designs display a touch of elegance and establishes a sense of class for any living area. More solid linen fabric designs are often comprised of durable ramie fiber, with gorgeous weaving of light streaks across a barrage of rough textures.

Colors that compliment warm hues will blend well with the natural lighting of a lounge room. The options for machine washing and line drying makes them convenient to maintain, giving them a long shelf life and sustaining qualities that won’t fade overnight.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

With this combination of simple and more advanced techniques to sprucing up the conventional coffee table, many options are available to enthusiasts eager to re-invent their living space. If you’re looking to redefine the traditional standards of coffee tables, consider a DIY project or linen fabric application to create a whole new look for your home. DIY project or linen fabric application to create a whole new look for your home.

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  1. Juan Miguel says:

    I love leaving two coffee cups at the center of the coffee table with a few bags of beans on the side. Makes it look like my very own cafe.

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