Simple and Easy Ideas to Transform Your Coffee Table

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Coffee TableAlmost every home has a coffee table in the living area. If used correctly, these can be transformed from average furniture pieces into much more valued and appreciated décor elements. Coffee tables should be placed in the right spot; usually people choose to put them near a sofa, or in front.

For them to look chic and interesting they must be properly decorated with house knick-knacks, linens and other decorative items. The aesthetic appeal of a coffee table will completely change your room’s general décor. It also says a lot about the homeowner’s sense of style and personality. Here are simple ideas to help you transform a dull coffee table into a revolutionary design setting.

How to get rid of a ring on a coffee table

QMy wife had a few friends over for tea on a cold day last winter. We used a new ceramic hot pad to hold the hot teakettle when we placed it on our oak coffee table. Big mistake! The heat radiated through the hot pad and faded a spot in the stain. Is


Functional use

In most homes, the basic function of a coffee table is to keep newspapers, magazines, and for snacks and coffee servings when guests are invited. Now you can do all that in a more stylish way. You might want to arrange magazines, newspapers and books on the table. Even though style and beautiful design matter a lot, function is equally important too. Leave enough room for tea pots, mugs, and cake.

Fresh flowers

Nothing appeals to a room more than a bunch of seasonal fresh flowers. Every day when you come back home from an exhausting day at the office, they’re like food for the soul. Light up your coffee table with your favorites. Use beautiful vases to add more color, and create a graphic effect with vases in different shapes and sizes. Another great idea is to place petals in beautiful bowl, and fill in the design with scented candles.

Coffee Table

Use vignettes for added hint of originality

Decorate your coffee table with vignettes. Use interesting designs in the coolest shapes to wow guests. They bring a lot of charm into a setting, not to mention that they have a practical purpose too. Purchase a set made of attention-grabbing materials, such a glass, brass or metal. The more unusual they are the more drama they add into the whole setting.

Greens in pots

Plants and succulents such as pothos and money plants are fabulous choices for a coffee table. Their green color makes a space seem fresh and much more inviting. As for the pots, you should consider ingenious patterns and colors to make your coffee table design look new and appealing. Greens are a delight to the eye; another great idea is to add a Bonsai tree on the table. It will look sleek and modern.

Baskets and trays

When you have a small-sized coffee table, it is a great idea to decorate using backsets and trays. This way you prevent cluttering the table with lots of decorations. Baskets are great at keeping things organized; also it is an opportunity to have essential items at hand.

For the tray, you consider bold colors of yellow, orange, and green; or you can even consider patterned trays. Check the market for more options and you’ll be overwhelmed with the variety. After you’ve made your choice, fill the tray with artwork, coasters, candles, or any other items that please your eye.

Coffee Table

Runners and linens

Use table linens, mats and runners to dress up your table. Make it look stylish while also preventing scratches. Tables made of glass for example, can be extremely sensitive. A linen fabric can be both practical and stylish.

There are numerous models you can go for; for example, you could consider investing in linens in a different color than the rest of your home. Or you can opt for patterns and stripes to warm up your living area and make the coffee table setting look original.

Focus on the bling

Make your coffee table look shiny with impressive accessories. Focus on the bling and include glittery items such as decorative bowels, boxes, vases and trays. This way your coffee table will be in the center of attention, and guests will surely appreciate the wow effect it exudes. For a royal allure you could include linens with golden and red color accents. These will make the coffee table seem incredibly versatile and modern.

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Coffee Table

There are so many ideas one can use to adorn a coffee table. However the smartest is with accessories. The right items can transform even the simplest and most unappealing table into a thing of beauty. Use the guidelines we mentioned above and make your coffee table become your living area’s finest design element.

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