California Meyer Lemon Oil – How To Put This To Best Use 

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image (5)When cooking is done from the heart, it can never be bad. It can also not be bad when Meyer Lemon olive oil is used in the dish. Surprised to hear that California Meyer lemon olive oil can be used in cooking?

Well, if not as a frying medium, then it can be put to use definitely for many other purpose. Dishes can be sauteed, drizzled with and grilled with Meyer Lemon olive oil. The purpose of using this in place of just the best quality olive oil is to add the extra flavor to the dish.

All hail the olive

The Panna Cotta took a really interesting turn, created with Bellweather Farms Sheep’s milk ricotta and Meyer Lemon olive oil. Not traditional, but fun, with Huckleberry sauces and a Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Hazelnut Cookie. This dolce was paired with

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Though not scarce, but finding good quality California Meyer lemon olive oil is also a daunting task. There are not too many good shops that will sell this variety. So, where can you get a bottle of the best tasting and most importantly fresh Meyer lemon olive oil? You can try online. There are a good number of places that stocks up a wide range of flavored olive oil.

Apart from this particular variety, one will easily come across olive oils infused with fresh ingredients like Thai Chilli, Citrus Habareno, California Lime, Fresh Basil and more. The one thing that is required of any cook to try the flavored olive oil is the confidence that they can bring all the ingredients together and pull out a great tasting dish.

Lemons and Olive Oil

meyer lemon olive oilMeyer Lemons are beautiful and it is their beauty that is passed on to the olive oil that is created by blending them both together. They are different from their cousins that is the regular lemons, in characteristic. Meyer lemons have a sweetness to them that is inherited from the Mandarin orange that belongs to their family tree.

The juiciness, lovely, golden yellow color that spells freshness, roundness and smooth rind all makes it peaceful to the eye. It is a great treat to the taste buds as well as although lacking the eye-tingling acidity, the sweetness is very much welcome to the tongue. Meyer lemons and the California Meyer Lemon olive oil is aromatic, perfumed and subtle.

Healthful and Delicious

Those who have been creating the perfect Meyer Lemon Olive oil for years will know that the best oil is created when the Meyer Lemons are cold pressed within hours of harvest. The end result is a smooth, beautiful and aromatic olive oil that bursts with sweet lemon flavor in every spoonful of it.

This particular olive oil is light, distinct and refreshing. The perfect combination of Meyer lemons and extra virgin olive oil promises good health in the form of antioxidants in every serving.

Add to Recipes

If you are trying this lemon olive oil for the first time and don’t know with what it will go better with, then here are some suggestions. The best thing experts say about Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is that the oil is extremely versatile.

6 Artisan Vinegars Worth Noticing

They currently make a Meyer lemon olive oil, a honey vinegar, and a vinegar called AgroDolce (sweet and sour) that is so tasty it won a San Francisco Good Food Award prize this year. KATZ vinegars are popular with chefs, too: Chef Joshua McFadden from …

This makes it perfect to be used with meats, seafood, chicken, vegetables and pasta dishes. At the time of baking, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is a good choice over butter or if you are panning to include lemon scones, biscotti or lemon poppy seed muffins in the menu, then mix up some of this Meyer lemon olive oil with balsamic vinegar to create a great dipping sauce.

Author Bio: Joana Hall is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing great topics related to food and recipes. She is a food lover himself and brings to light the many good qualities of Meyer lemon olive oil.

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