Modern Coffee Tables to Have a Wonderful Dreamy Living Room

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Coffee tableWho wouldn’t want to have an appealing, romantic, and modern living room? Sometimes the most common décor items can have the greatest impact although you must abide by a couple of very simple rules to make this happen.

Decorating a coffee table with the things you have around the house is both exciting and convenient. This is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to showcase their creative spirit and resourcefulness. The simplest ideas may bring your whole living room to life. Here are a few original ideas to make your living room’s coffee table stand out.

Get creative!

You can create interesting coffee table decorations with all kinds of things you have around the house. Magazine, books, serving trays, old vases, antiques, bowls and handmade crafts can all be used to turn a boring living room table into a central décor element. If you don’t want to spend money on new a new table or can’t afford to invest in one, accessorize your current table.

Place sea shells, pebbles pine cones, and twigs in a bowl, add a few colorful candles next to that bowl, and some seasonal fresh flowers. Play with color and if your room is not that striking, make sure the candles and flowers have bright shades.

Decorate with books

Books and magazines are an excellent way of decorating a coffee table in the living room. Make a selection and pick a couple of favorites. Place them horizontally, one on top of the other thus creating a pyramid and adding structure to your whole living area.

On top of the pile of books you can add a flower pot, or vase with artificial floral ornaments. This unusual décor idea adds color and freshness to a rather boring and unattractive coffee table. Original items bring a lot of excitement and enthusiasm into a living area.

Decorating with books may also help you open up a conversation, so this is a great idea you might want to consider.

Coffee table

Statement accessories

Whenever we want to spice things up in the living room we assume that changing the furniture will make us feel livelier and more refreshed. But who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on handmade furniture once every 2-3 years?

As an alternative, we can accessorize our living area with convenient décor pieces and still feel like we’re walking in a different home. Statement accessories are excellent in both small and spacious living areas.

Coffee tables are often overlooked, and it is because homeowners are too focused on paintings, rugs, and sofas. While these are equally important elements of décor, a properly-accessorized coffee table can also create a great impact.

Ingenious materials for a coffee table

Generally speaking, coffee tables are made of hardwood. Most common types are round with brownish nuances. There’s nothing appealing about this type of table. If you want to have a more interesting living area, you might want to put your creativity to the test.

This season, unusual materials are in high demand. Glass and steel for example, are a killer combination. While glass reflects natural light and brings a bit of minimalism into your living room steel accents will make your room seem extravagant and alluring.

Coffee table

Multifunctional coffee table

Why should you invest in a multifunctional table for your living area? First of all, because it will help you stay organized. This sort of coffee table should fit perfectly in a compact room. Make sure it has a couple of shelves and storage compartments.

Thus it will be easier for you to arrange things and make sure everything looks neat and tidy. Don’t forget to adorn it will interesting accessories. Place a chic tray in the middle, and fill it with ingenious accessories such as magazines, candles, photo albums and other colorful decorative items.

Have you made a decision yet? Decorating a living room and making it look fresh and relaxing is a lot more convenient than meets the eye.

Everything you need is a new coffee table and some original accessories. These don’t have to be expensive. Rather than spend a lot on painting and rugs, why not invest in candles, flower arrangements, books, and vases? These are timeless accessories that will never go out of style.

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