Ten Tips That Will Help Steer You in the Direction of the Perfect Coffee Table

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UntitledOut of hundreds of types of coffee tables available in the marketplace, it’s really hard to just pick one. Most living rooms without this essential piece of furniture look boring, dull and unappealing; if you want to make your space look modern and feel comfortable, you should have a well-appointed coffee table. Whether you’re on a budget and you can’t afford to spend much, or you don’t care about the money, these tips will help you make the smartest choice.

  1. Settle on a budget

There’s no need to break a bank to adorn your living area with a high-quality coffee table. However, it’s definitely a good idea to settle on a budget before heading on a shopping spree. Check more than one place, even vintage shops and flea markets. As for the material, hardwood is usually the best choice.

  1. Ideal shape

Conventional coffee tables are round. But this doesn’t mean you should buy a round table, too. Assess your living room’s overall décor, and think outside the box. It’s ok to be inventive, even recommended. Opt for a coffee table in an unusual shape and make it your living room’s statement piece.

  1. Size

Oversized tables for a living room are in trend this year; although you don’t want yours to be higher than your couch. Still, you can opt for a wider model to change the allure of your personal space. Furthermore, you don’t want it to be too low either, because then your guests won’t have enough flexibility to reach their coffee or tea.


  1. Opt for a functional style

What will be the main purpose of your coffee table? Do you want it to have storage spaces, too, or just serve a decorative purpose? Certain models come with shelves and drawers for people to stash magazines and other personal things. If nothing on the market suits your needs, you can always opt for bespoke furniture, and have your coffee table custom-made.

  1. Material

Conventional materials for coffee tables are oak, walnut, cherry and maple. All these are excellent choices if you want to invest in a classic table; for something a bit more unconventional, glass and brass are materials that will give your home an air of sophistication.

  1. Style

There are numerous styles of coffee tables to choose from – starting from the simplest models to the most extravagant. Do you want to upgrade your living room and make it look more contemporary? Then maybe a glass table with metal accents is exactly what you need.

  1. 3-in-1

Why buy one coffee table when you can have a 3-in-1 model? Although known as a “grouped table” this idea is extremely functional and chic. Basically, you’re investing in 3 tables that can be grouped together to form 1; think of it like a small collection.


  1. Multi-functionality

Multi-functional coffee tables serve numerous purposes – they expand and become dining tables, and they usually feature lots of hidden compartments. Still, they don’t take up much space and they’re excellent in homes with limited storage.

  1. Accessorizing

It’s impossible to make your home look chic and modern with an empty coffee table, regardless of the design and style. It’s equally important that you adorn your piece of furniture with beautiful decorations, such as flowers and candles, to make your home feel welcoming and your table look innovative.

  1. Choose the best color

Last but not least, invest in a coffee table that matches with your home’s dominant color. Of course, you can always switch things up and not match at all; however, it might be a good idea to have a sense of color balance. Maintain a warm feeling by avoiding striking palettes. Pastels and earthy wooden nuances are excellent choices because they blend in perfectly with any type of décor.

Selecting the best coffee table for your living room is a lot simpler than you think. It is fundamental to have an ideal shape, a beautiful color and an interesting design if you want to make an impression; but then again, if your budget is limited, it’s always best to stick with the basics: don’t go tall, go wide, and accessorize to make your table appear chic and expensive.

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