Decorate a Coffee Kitchen that will Liven up your Kitchen Space

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cofkit1People love to visit comfortable coffee houses day and night for a cup of their favorite beverage. The relaxing ambiance makes it a favored place to chill out and unwind. You can give your kitchen some of the same casual atmosphere by decorating it using a coffee theme. Take some ideas from popular coffee shops, and follow the tips below to create your own coffee-themed kitchen.

Use a coffee-inspired color scheme

Select a set of warm coordinated colors for your kitchen. You can paint the walls a tan color similar to a coffee with cream, and do the trim in a richer, darker tone reminiscent of Turkish coffee. Another option is to do the walls in the darker hue, giving them a feel of cappuccino or espresso. These colors make the kitchen feel warm and cozy, and give you the perfect background for your artwork.

If you’ve already picked a darker shade for the walls, make sure the cabinets, ceiling and flooring have lighter shades. Create balance and use white, light yellow or mint. There’s one particular color you should stay away from –black. It’s too much for a kitchen, and remember that you’ll be placing coffee beans around the area, which are dark enough.

Hang some coffee-related art

Look for prints, paintings, and photographs that feature coffee in some way. This could include images of coffee pots, coffee beans, steaming coffee mugs, or even vintage ads for coffee. Hang your images around the kitchen to add visual interest to your coffee-colored walls. Placing framed pieces in artistic groupings of four and five, and adding some accent lighting, is particularly effective.

Coffee-related art should make your guests feel welcomed; yet, try not to go over the top with the decorations. While it’s ok to include paintings, pots and mugs, you should stay away from coffee-themed towels, curtains and table linens because they will overly charge the kitchen.


Display coffee beans

Use real coffee beans in decorative ways around the kitchen. For instance, you could fill a clear jar with a layer of coffee beans a few inches deep, and use it as a candle holder. You could store your coffee beans in clear glass jars with old-fashioned scoops. You can even fill a tall, narrow vase with beans. Try adding variety by using some that are dark roast together with others that are a lighter roast. Include some colorful candles, too and there you have it, the most perfect decorative item for your cooking area.

Add other coffee-inspired decorations

Look through your cupboards for attractive coffee-related items, or visit thrift stores to find some vintage pieces. Old-style coffee pots, antique coffee grinders, or antique mugs can provide visual focal points for your kitchen, and tie your coffee theme together. Other possibilities include a coffee house clock, or a collection of coffee spoons.


Set up your coffee bar

Make it quick and easy to grab a cup of your favorite espresso by setting up your own coffee bar. Start with a professional-class coffee maker or espresso machine, and display it on a convenient area of your countertop. Surround this with a selection of attractive coffee mugs either stacked or on a mug holder. Add some containers for sugar, creamer, and specialty items like flavored syrups, and you have an elegant self-serve coffee bar.

Provide a comfortable seating area

To give your kitchen the relaxing ambiance of a coffee shop, you need to have a place to sit, sip, read and relax. Set up some comfortable chairs, and add a small table if you have the space for it. Comfort is key, and the colors should go with your coffee scheme. Now just pour yourself a cup and sit back with the newspaper.

Coffee-themed kitchens are so interesting and alluring. Homeowners with a dying wish to redecorate their spaces, should think of this option. Painted kitchens are great, but a complete makeover comes with a high cost. As an alternative, you could accessorize and include coffee-inspired accessories. Paintings, mugs, espresso machines, and real coffee beans spread around the kitchen will instantly bring it to life. Create the most soothing environment in the kitchen, and start every day of your life with a fresh cup of coffee.


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