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table1A coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room. It has to look exquisite in order to draw the attention of your guests, and thus make your overall decor appear modern and chic. Glass is back in fashion this summer season, and at last interior designers are advising homeowners to add ingenuity into their private spaces with as much glass as possible. This substance comes in a wealth of options. You can choose transparent, tinted, laminated, tempered, and wired glass for your coffee table. To make the space even more enticing, include super creative decorations. Here are some resourceful ideas you can make use of:

Add height with tall accessories

Glass coffee tables are meant to brighten up a space, make it wider and a lot bigger. However, if you want to add height, the best way to do that is with tall accessories. Thin vases with unusual shapes, candle sticks, and stylish lamps are excellent ideas. If you cannot afford to make a huge investment, place some books on the coffee table, and add some decorative candles on top (or a tray with nice floral arrangements).

Benefit from the reflective properties of the glass

Glass has amazing reflective properties. Use them to create the most enticing table design. Invest in a glass table with multiple layers underneath. Place some nice accessories to accentuate the table’s transparent features, and keep it simple on top. Create balance and try not to mix too many colors. Match red curtains with a decorative flower pot from your glass coffee table; if you’re not into floral arrangements, adorn your table with a vintage china set.

Glass table tops

Rather than investing in expensive coffee tables, you can always make your own glass table. All you have to do is create the base and buy the top. Purchasing glass table tops can be extremely affordable. Check out thrift stores, vintage shops or flea markets. As for the base, you have complete freedom to make wise choices. Use piles of books, wood, bamboo, even stone to come up with an original idea. Making a glass table has never been easier; you just need some imagination to build something amazing.


Unusual shapes, eccentric designs

Coffee tables are seen as handy furniture pieces meant to hold anything from magazines, drinks, and books to vases, bowls, and other decorative items. This summer season we’re finally seeing some improvements in glass tables. Eccentric designs are conquering the market, and homeowners have finally decided to invest in tables with unusual shapes and peculiar structures. Add a touch of personality to your living room and let glass coffee tables brighten up your personal space.

Bent glass tables

Bent glass tables are excellent in modern homes. These items add value and extravagance to dull living rooms, and if they’re adorned with sophisticated accessories, the wow effect will be guaranteed. Choose tempered or transparent glass, brighten your space and let guests be amazed by your innovative sense of style. Sometimes, a single furniture piece can change your home decor to 180 degrees. It’s all about investing in something that can add spark. A glass table is exactly what your living room needs, especially in the summer when you want your home to reflect as much natural light as possible.


Decorating glass tables

The easiest way of decorating a glass table is to add a table cloth. It shouldn’t cover the entire space though. Placemats are equally appealing; they come in a wealth of material types and colors and in combination with your curtains and sofa linens, they will surely make your living room seem chic and modern. Include favorite displays on the glass table such as candles, favorite books & magazines, a beautifully decorated tray, or add floral arrangements and flower pots. Whatever you do, just remember – create balance.

There are so many ideas you can use to decorate a coffee table made of glass. Whether you want to add more light into your home or you want to accentuate a space with eccentric design ideas, the key to a beautiful design is to improvise. Be original; add items you’ve never seen in any other home or magazine before, and make your living room seem one of a kind.


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