Nespresso Vertuoline Review & Analysis

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A new coffee system from #Nespresso #Vertuolin...

A new coffee system from #Nespresso #Vertuoline #TheCoffeeRevolution #entry (Photo credit: bjoern)

Anyone who hasn’t bought or tried a VertuoLine machine might not realize that Nespresso has actually changed the shape and size of the capsules, how the machine makes the coffee, etc.  Now, the real questions that we have to ask is “why would they do this?” and “does this really create a better experience?”

So what we are going to do is review the VertuoLine both as a coffee machine and then analyze the changes what effects they have on whether or not you should buy it.

Product Quality

After trying a variety of different flavors with the VertuoLine, its definitely a good machine.  Its on par with every machine that Nespresso has made.  However, the machine does cost $299 at a base price, when other Nespresso machines are significantly cheaper, so the question really has to become, “is the machine good enough for Nespresso to command that much money for a single machine?” The answer is “probably not.”  Nespresso has done a great job packages and marketing the product, but at the end of the day, the Pixie makes great coffee, the Aeroccino is a great frother, and Nespresso really hasn’t been able to add any real value to the Vertuoline.  It makes a nice cup of Nespresso, but whether its worth spending that much more money, we’re not sure that it is.

The “New” Capsules

When reviewing the capsules, they are definitely on par with the old capsules, with one glaring weakness.  By using different capsules, regular Nespresso customers aren’t going to be able to use their old capsules in the new machines.  With lots of people buying 100-150 capsules in bulk, or professional businesses that buy them 1,000 at a time, getting a new machine means getting rid of all of your old capsules.  This is just something to think about before buying a VertuoLine machine.  Nespresso has clearly created this product to push a lot of the smaller competitors like HiLine Coffee, who make alternative capsules out of this market, but its created a downside for regular Nespresso drinkers.

Deals & Discounts

The best thing about the Vertuoline is that because its a brand new product, there are tons of deals out there.  Between Nespresso and its affiliate partners, there are lots of deals.  This is the type of thing that probably won’t last forever, but you can bet that the first year the product is out the company is going to want to sell lots of units, which means lots of discounts.  Definitely wait until you can get a great discount before buying this product.  Instead of paying the full $299, try to get one for $150 or less to really make it worth it.

There are lots of reviews out there about the new VertuoLine, its quality and what to look for in a single-serve machine, but we’ve not only tried the product extensively, we’ve stacked it up against the other machines and seen exactly what it can do.

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