Martinson Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers Finally Satisfys a Picky Coffee Drinker

| June 3, 2014 | 1 Comment

I have to admit the Keurig K-Cups coffee machine  is disappointing. After many attempts to find a coffee that is equivalent to a pot of brewed coffee has been disappointing. I have tried at least 30 different kinds and have found most watery or bad tasting. I even switched to the reusable K-Cup device where you fill it with your own coffee. Still a disappointment. I actually thought my Keurig coffee machine was defective, the coffee was so bad. But I realized it wasn’t the machine, which is admitedly well made and adequate. It was the coffee.

I have been spoiled by my old 10 cup Mr. Coffee that provided me delicious coffee all these many years. I switched to the Keurig because I just couldn’t drink all that coffee anymore. At most I could drink two cups without it bothering my stomach. The Keurig fit the bill for supplying great flavored coffee, one cup at a time.

Lately the coffee K-Cups have either been skimping on coffee or the quality has gone down. I have tried many different brands but to no avail. Until now.

I have discovered a brand of coffee that offers good taste on a consistent basis. The Coffee is called Martinson. Founder Joe Martinson started roasting coffee in 1898. It has all the taste I need and has surprisingly remained consistent in quality. I recommend you order the variety pack. It contains 36 K-Cups with a selection of 6 flavors, Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast, Donut Shop Blend, Italian Roast, Hazelnut Creme and House Blend. These K-cups use non-woven fibers to make sure all the rich flavors, colors and aromas end up inside every single cup. I really like it and recommend you give it a try.

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