Deluxe Coffee Centers – Get a Perfect Morning Jump-Start at your Kitchen

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coffeeaOne item on many people’s kitchen wish list is a dedicated coffee center. This gives you a well-equipped place to brew your favorite coffee to start the day, or to make espresso for guests after dinner. While the most basic elements would be a coffee machine and some cups, the trend right now is to have a sophisticated, highly capable setup.
Current kitchen decor trends are all about making the coffee setup seem stylish, innovative, and intriguing. Bring your kitchen to life and make this beautiful spot intriguing. Here are some things to consider for your deluxe coffee center.

What to have in your coffee center

Coffee centers should scream morning madness. They should look clean and polished. Pick a style (vintage, modern, traditional, classic), select a colors pattern, and get started. Here are some deluxe coffee accessories you need to make your corner memorable.

  • Coffee grinder – You know that if you want the best cup of coffee, you need to grind your coffee freshly at the time. Ground coffee quickly loses its potency. You’ll need a good quality grinder for your coffee center. Some are quite tall, so check your cabinet clearance.
  • Built in coffee maker – Some people love these, and some people don’t. You can get built-in coffee makers which are plumbed directly into your water supply, or which you fill yourself with water. When you’re evaluating, think about how often you’ll use it, and the quality of your water.


  • Stand alone coffee maker – If you don’t want a built-in model, you can get a freestanding coffee machine. There are hundreds of types available today, in all different price ranges and levels of sophistication. You’ll need to consider your personal coffee preferences, what will fit best with your kitchen in terms of size and style, along with the reviews different models get.
  • Refrigerator – If you have a fridge with your coffee center, it gives you everything you need in one place. Using a fridge drawer can be very convenient. A small mini fridge will keep your milk cold, too.
  • Small sink – Putting a sink in your coffee center is a useful addition, and you can get them as small as 6 inches wide. If you filter your water, you could also add a filtration system to the water here.
  • Warming drawer – For the ultimate in luxury, a warming drawer can preheat your cups, so that your coffee stays warm longer. You can get a small one that handles just cups, or a larger one you can also use for plates or food.


Where to place your coffee center

A deluxe coffee center should be placed somewhere close to a window, or on a single countertop. It should be a separated kitchen where you can enjoy the experience of making coffee every morning.

Here are some more suggestions:

  • In an appliance cabinet – Some people like to keep their coffee center hidden when it’s not in use. An appliance cabinet gives you a usable countertop, with retractable doors that hide it away for an uncluttered look when you don’t want to see it.
  • In the bar – A bar area can be an excellent location for a coffee center, since you probably already have a small sink and fridge there. The bar will also usually have storage for cups, napkins and utensils, a garbage can, and sometimes even a dishwasher.
  • As a breakfast center – Another idea is to expand the coffee center into a full breakfast center by adding a toaster and microwave, along with more storage space for bowls, bread, and cereal. When your mini fridge has juice and marmalade, you’ll have everything you need for a quick, convenient breakfast in one place.

Get a perfect jump-start in the morning with a deluxe coffee center. This area should be featured in spacious kitchen areas with space to spare. Decorate it in style, include basic coffee makers, cups, mugs and stick to accessories that are important. Don’t you love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? It’s so tantalizing and alluring that it will wake you up instantly.

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