5 Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

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Cofee 2Coffee is a beautiful and complex drink. Most people don’t know what a good coffee drink tastes like since we are used to the American coffee drinks sold by big fast food chains. Once you try new drinks you will never go back. Some people compare coffee to wine with its exotic flavor that can vary depending on so many factors. Most coffee drinks only have two ingredients, these include coffee and milk. However the flavors that you get from these two ingredients are mind-blowing. I suggest you go to your local coffee shop and try everything, though only once a day


Espresso is the base for many other drinks. The way espresso is made is by forcing steaming water through a compact “puck” of coffee. There are special kinds of machines that are used to make espresso. The result that you get is a very strong coffee. If it is made really well then you will also get golden foam on top. Golden foam is an indication that the espresso is done exactly right. Many coffee drinks either use this or regular brewed coffee. Some purist actually drink this by itself.


Cappuccino is the perfect blend of steaming milk, coffee and foam. In fact the actual recipe calls for equal parts milk, coffee and foam. Cappuccino has become really popular nowadays, especially in America. Many people like to sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of the foam to add an additional flavor to this amazing drink. Cappuccinos have a very complex flavor because of the combination of milk, coffee and foam. Some people even make iced cappuccino.


Americano is basically a diluted espresso, in fact, it is diluted espresso. Americano originated when the espresso first came to America. Americans were not used to such strong coffee so they would dilute it with hot water. The result was this drink. The taste is similar to regular brewed coffee, however, because of the espresso in it, the flavors are much different than brewed coffee. It is suggested that it should be taken as it is, without any milk to keep the beautiful flavor of espresso alive.

Café au Lait

Café au Lait is simply 1 part espresso with 3 parts steamed milk. The result is this creamy drink with the complex flavors of espresso. Many people enjoy it with sugar or honey in it. The other good thing about this drink is that it is perfect for dipping. You can dip cake, bread or even cookies. This drink is perfect for people who don’t like the bitterness of coffee, but still enjoy its flavor.


A frappe is a type of a cold coffee drink. This is an American coffee drink unlike others which are originally Italian. The way it is prepared is by mixing instant coffee, water, sugar and ice. It is usually served in a tall glass with whipped cream on top. Usually there are many types of frappe available, this includes caramel frappe, peppermint frappe, double chocolate frappe etc. Purists don’t like these various flavored frappes since it is very different from the original coffee.

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