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English: The Living Room at The Field School

English: The Living Room at The Field School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The living room is truly the heart and soul of a home. One look at a home’s living room says a great deal about the people that live there, what they like and dislike, their unique personalities and preferred styles. Many of the trending living room styles and designs reflect this, tapping into individual tastes of homeowners while bringing high style and substance to a room through its décor.

Current trends in living room design

Modern-style living rooms continue to be popular, with carefully chosen furniture pieces geared toward functionality and comfort. Clean lines and limited patterns abound, with rich jewel tones such as ruby red and emerald green brightening a black-and-white background. Leather is still a popular choice for furniture upholstery, though suede and other tactile fabrics are emerging, appealing to the more homely-oriented mindset.

Classical touches have also been trending, both on their own in more traditional style living rooms and as additions to contemporary décor. Prism-decorated chandeliers make a sparkling focal point in an otherwise minimalist two-tone living room – or perhaps an avant-garde design to liven-up the somewhat restrained look of a modern living room? Unique metal sculptural lamps and chandeliers make a quirky addition to a more staid and simplistic room design. A centerpiece such as a beautifully designed coffee table is also very effective.

Floating shelves are an architectural feature that look to continue to be sought after in 2014. Taking advantage of a room’s free wall space without the bulky look of bookcases and more solidly constructed shelving – allowing the patterns and textures of wall treatments to be seen – they contribute to the feel of the room more fully. They also create a light and airy look and may be painted to blend in with the background wall color or stand out in a contrasting color or pattern.

White remains the color of elegance, adding a touch of class and refinement to any room. White walls are trending, allowing artistic expression to be fully displayed and appreciated in a contrasting environment. White can also carry over to the furniture, with large sofas and chairs wearing this pristine color well in a variety of natural and man-made materials. This does not mean color has taken a backseat.

Adding color, especially bright primary colors, to a room makes a definite statement and strategically placed as accessories or as a focal point on a wall can bring out the structural and architectural details of a room beautifully. Do not neglect the ceiling. High-gloss paint in a bright primary shade not only brings attention to the room’s design, but also brightens the room, reflecting light back downward, and also may act as a style contrast to an otherwise refined décor below.

A bar, tucked into the corner of a room or taking center stage is a stylish addition to any living room. Be creative and repurpose a cabinet or bureau to lend some charm to the space. If alcohol is not the fancy, try a single-serve coffee maker or coffee press with a variety of coffees and teas to suit a variety of tastes.

Trends for 2014

Among the projected trends in living room design styles and looks for 2014 are: the emergence of the color yellow; Greco-Roman architectural elements and accessories, as well as Ancient Egyptian and other cultural artifacts; Floral and other patterned fabrics and upholstery, set against a pure white background, and gilded accents in frames and other metal accents.

The energy-efficient advantages and artistic flexibility of shutters as window treatments will continue to rise, with many embracing the old-fashioned window treatment’s classic look and contemporary utility. Available full-length or in café-style half-window size, shutters are easily painted and finished to suit any décor in a variety of unique colors and finishes; bold primary shutters will complement a modern black-and-white living room, while old-fashioned “white-washed” shutters may be just the classic touch needed to create a minimalist room.

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