The Coffee Capital of Canada

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Freddie's Beach Bar

Freddie’s Beach Bar (Photo credit: RobW_)

The capital city of the land of the maple leaf is Toronto. It is a beautiful place to visit for a vacation. The city has a great number of sightseeing places to visit. The Coffee joints in Toronto are famous all over the United States of America. They serve some of the best coffee that you can have.

The list of some of the Best Cafes in Toronto is mentioned below on the page of Each café is famous for its signature dish. The city has over 100 small cafes and joints which make some fabulous coffee and scones. The culture of having a cup of coffee and a slice of cake is an integral part of lives of the people of Toronto.

Cabin Fever Collective

The Cabin Fever Collective is a beautiful looking café come art gallery and a music store all rolled into one. It was earlier a nail salon but has been converted into this magnificent coffee place two years back. The place has become a hit amongst people who are looking forward to have a nice hot cup of coffee along with a muffin. The Cabin Fever Collective is the dream of husband and wife duo Robyn and Alex. The concept of the Cabin fever is very homely and the ambience is very homely. Their American Latte is a must have along with a slice of a carrot cake. It surely tastes like a piece of heaven. They accept all major credit cards; they open from 9 am till midnight on all days.

El Almacen

The El Almacen which is located in West Queen in Toronto is a fabulous place famous for its Empanadas, wraps, sandwiches, soups and yerba to drink. The theme of the café is very unique it has the theme of motorcycle racing. The décor of the place is deeply influenced and one can find a mesmerizing collection of motorcycle t-shirts, license plates and vintage furniture. All the pieces that are for sale here are handpicked by the owners.  Their chicken sandwiches are the best that you can find in the entire city.

Wallace Espresso

The Wallace Espresso is a small grab and go coffee shop that is great hit amongst the local people of the town. The ambience of the café is very warm and cozy. It does not have too much of place to sit and laze around.  The seating is very limited to a few chairs and tables. The best feature of the Wallace Espresso is that it has no fixed menu. It basically churns out whatever you wish to have. It has fabulous Lattes, cappuccinos and soy milk coffees.

The above mentioned are the Best Cafes in Torontothe city has a deep liking for small coffee places and hence the entire city is booming with such cafes. We hope that this guide on Askives has made the quest of finding Coffee joints in Toronto a tad bit easier. The cafes are a must to explore while visiting the city. Each joint has its own unique blend of coffees which makes each one of them so special and well liked. Better relaxation with the tasty coffee can be attained though this environment. The menu that has many varieties of coffee can be enjoyed here. Tasty coffee helps us in spending most of our time in that café shop. The taste drives the user to get engaged in this all the time. A better place to be with friends can be termed to be the Toronto cafes. Tasty coffee can be enjoyed in these surroundings.


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