The Evolution of Coffee Vending Machines

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Next time you visit a coffee vending machine, take a moment to think of everything that’s gone into making this modern marvel available. If you’ve ever been curious about how vending machines with coffee have evolved over the years, you should definitely keep reading. The story is actually quite interesting – especially if you’re a coffee lover.

The Birth of the Coffee Vending Machine

The first coffee vending machines started showing up after Coca Cola started dispensing their product in machines. Not too long after, the phenomenon of the coffee break started. This happened in 1946 with the introduction of the very first vending machine that dispensed piping hot coffee in a small cup.

This was just the beginning. Soon, coffee machines began to appear everywhere – especially in breakrooms and waiting rooms of hospitals and other institutions. This made them even more popular. And as people made money with them, even more were created and setup all over the place.

Vending Machine Coffee Gets Fancy

The technology behind coffee vending machines didn’t change too much over the years at first, but eventually people wanted more than just a cup of joe – they wanted a great cup of java! This is when some manufacturers began to experiment with flavored coffees and more – all from vending machines.

Today, quite a variety of coffee vending machines are available. At the same time, they’re not as popular as they once were. Still, if you know where to look you’re going to be able to find them here and there occasionally. The costs vary quite a bit, but the better the coffee the more you’re going to pay most of the time.

The Future of Coffee From Machines?

While coffee vending machines available today are nice, imagine a robot that walked around and offered you a hot cup of joe – without you having to chase it down. Even better, what if you could summon the Coffee-Bot with your smartphone and have it arrive in no time flat – either at home or wherever else you are in the world.

Hopefully nobody will steal this idea before I have time to invent it myself, but it just may be the future of coffee from a machine. What do you think? Leave a comment below while you’re enjoying a cup of joe. There’s nothing like being able to slip some money into a machine and get (occasionally) fresh coffee with the press of a button.

No one really knows for sure what the future holds for coffee vending machines, but one thing is for certain – they’re going to remain popular with coffee junkies who need to get their caffeine fix when on the go. Where’s the strangest place you ever saw one?

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