Starbucks Brand New “Tweet-A-Friend” Coffee Gift Certificates

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starbucks8330_1310283_320x245If you are a frequent customer at Starbucks, you probably have a Starbucks cards and often buy coffee with it to earn rewards like free beverages. Now you are able to likewise use it to gift a coffee to others utilising nothing more than a tweet.

The new “Tweet a Coffee” plan is a promotion between Starbucks and Twitter. It necessitates you synching your Starbucks card with your Twitter account then the gift-tweeting can start. Just post a tweet to a individual you know and include @tweetacoffee. This activates a $5 e-gift being directed to their Twitter account, which can then be used in Starbucks either in printed form or merely by bringing it up on your smartphone’s display at the counter.

In order to promote e-gifting through Twitter, Starbucks is promising the 1st hundred thousand people to employ the new service a $5 e-gift card too, so both people benefit.

The launch today is just in beta form and restricted to the US. Notwithstanding, it appears probable Starbucks will expand the same program to other countries, as well as increase the gifts you are able to send. I anticipate we will eventually be able to designate how much we would like to send as an e-gift at the very least.

I am certain Starbucks regards this as a marketing opportunity alongside the additional income it should generate. When a new drink is added to the menu, gifting one through a tweet could see the sender get one free of charge as well in order to encourage trying it. We may likewise see multiple tweet a coffee rewards earning greater rewards for the sender. After all, if the minimal amount you are able to gift is $5, you’re spending is soon going to add up.

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