Three Commonly Popular Coffee Machines

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Schaerer_Siena_Coffee_Machine_2Who does not love morning coffee to help get one’s day started? On the other hand, you feel royal when sitting on a sofa; you enjoy reading a book while sipping coffee. Whether, at office or home, everyone loves this drink, which is refreshing as well as rejuvenating. The popularity of coffee can be estimated by the queues seen at coffee houses and at coffee machines in offices.

One can have cold as well as hot coffee as per one’s choice. The popularity of coffee has grown so wide that today, every person wants to possess a coffee machine to make his/her favorite drink whenever desired. For example, whether you prefer a latte, espresso or any flavor in between, finding the perfect coffee machine is your solution. However, it is not that easy to find a suitable machine, as the variety of coffee machines is big. Here are three major types of coffee machines:

1. Automatic Coffee Machines

They are among best machines of in-home coffee makers. As, these machines are automatic, you just need to press a button to get your coffee prepared. The entire process of coffee making is handled carefully. They are best used in offices, where employees need a quick cup of coffee to get refreshed to resume working again. You just need to press a button, and the grinding, brewing and frothing of milk will be done automatically in no time. These machines are programmed with many functions such as, changing water filters, automatic cleaning and water refill and emptying the coffee bins. The added advantage of these machines is that you can program a timer to let these machines start automatically in the morning.

2. Espresso Machines

These machines are best for people who love to have a richer, fuller and stronger cup of coffee first in the morning. One can have coffee as per one’s choice and taste. It comes in the category of traditional machines, which have been popular since so many years. Today, they are available with some advanced options to beat the market competition. Like other espresso coffee machines, this machine also create water pressure and force the water through tightly-packed coffee in the handle, which results in extraction of more of the coffee granules. The greatest advantage of this machine is that you can control and choose the coffee strength of your choice.

3. Coffee Capsule Machines

These coffee machines are newer addition to traditional ones. These machines are best for busy people. These machines have a capsule, which is a sealed container of small size containing a pre-measured amount of coffee. You get your coffee simply by dropping the capsule in and selecting a particular button. It offers limited choices of coffee but is speedy and convenient machine for people on the run. However, the aroma of the freshly ground beans is sealed in capsules, as they are wrapped in individual packaging. One can also have milk forther device along for quick cappuccino or latte. These machines offer even dosage of coffee.

These three coffee machines can be installed at home or office for instant cup of coffee. They are space and time saver.



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