Hosting the Perfect Coffee Brunch

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Brunch items from Kalaset restaurant in Copenh...

Brunch items from Kalaset restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have a great theme

These days, spicing up your hangouts with a theme can be a great way to entice guests over to your home. People love brunching to themes that reflect popular TV shows, like Sex and the City, Mad Men, even outrageous ones like Game of Thrones.

No need for costumes, though — brunch should be casual and inviting. But having a theme adds a lively touch to a brunch and gives people something to talk about instantly.

Save costs by sharing food prep

Why should you have to host and do all the cooking for your brunch? Cleaning the house is enough of a challenge for a morning party. So get a group of friends to chip in! If each person brings one small dish or item, you’ll have a bigger and better brunch than in most restaurants.

Start by making a list of everything you’ll need: eggs, bagels, raw veggies, bacon, fruit, juices, milk and coffee. Then just assign everyone one thing on the list. Feel free to use online tools to keep track of who’s bringing what.

Don’t cook in front of guests

Coffee brunch should also be relaxing for the host! Most brunch food can be prepared beforehand and warmed up when guests arrive. Think about making a quiche or tart the day before and freezing it. Right before guests arrive, start brewing the coffee. It fills your house with a wonderful aroma and makes everyone excited to come in and sit down.


After college, there’s always the question: should we drink alcohol at brunch? Coffee is always welcome on weekend mornings, but some people don’t want to or can’t drink.

It’s best to check with everyone beforehand, in a general way, to see if they’d prefer to have an alcohol-free brunch party. Even if it’s just an orange juice addiction, there are some rehab facilities in Florida that recommend fruit cocktails and punch over mimosas or a Bloody Mary.

Decorate with style

Brunch should be a fun and luxurious experience. Lingering over coffee is part of the fun! Many top designers recommend decorating your brunch room with lots of pillows, candles and fresh flowers – comfort is key.

Organization experts say that you should decorate for brunch by showing abundance – it makes people feel well taken care of. A beautiful bowl of green apples or lemons can energize a space, while blue or purple flowers create a sense of calm.


Music should be present but never loud enough to drown out conversation. You’re hosting a coffee brunch to see your friends and tell stories, so instrumental music works best. Martha Stewart recommends playing jazz or world music to spice up a party.

End on a high note

Once everyone has eaten and told their stories, it’s time for the rest of the day to begin. Making a little gift bag of cookies or coffee beans will show your guests that you care, and leave them with a great treat for later.

So with a little preparation and a few good tips, your brunch will be a hit!

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