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coffee cake

Blackberry Coffee Cake is a Delicious Dish

Coffee is great as a drink and is a must have for most of us in the mornings. With a cup of coffee, you get an energy boost and plunge into action. But, now coffee is gradually being introduced in some of the most delicious recipes. With a pinch of coffee added to a recipe, it suddenly tastes exotic. The roasted quality of coffee, its acidity and bitterness makes it ideal to be complimented with nutty, earthy, bold and sweet ingredients. It leads to a taste combination that is quite complex and surprising.

The blend of coffee and chocolate tastes amazing. Three are several meat dishes too that are using coffee as one of the ingredients. Famous chefs are using the robust flavor and tenderizing qualities of coffee to prepare exotic dishes.

Listed below are some of the delicious recipes employing coffee as an ingredient:

Coffee Meringues:

These are tasty cookies that are prepared by sprinkling some espresso powder in sweetened egg whites and stirring them well. The cookies can be served at tea parties and port lucks. You can also take them as snacks at late nights.

Mocha-Spiced Coffee:

This recipe is a sweet blend of vanilla, chocolate syrup, sugar and milk. It is cooked on stovetop and then mixed with coffee. The coffee used is percolated with nutmeg and cinnamon. The spices are put in the filter for coffee to get a cozy and warm brew.


 Mocha Spiced Muffins are Good for Tea Parties

Coffee-Onion Jam:

Brewed coffee makes a good steeping liquid for a topping of sliced onion. This tastes delicious with roasted meats and grilled steaks. Many restaurants offer such a recipe. However, you can prepare it in your home in just 10 minutes. While preparing the meat, the mixture simmers on the stovetop.

Costa Rican Coffee with Pork Tenderloin:

Spices combined with ground coffee or brewed coffee form a rich glaze which is brushed on grilling pork tenderloin. The result is a rich and deep flavor. You can also substitute the pork with chicken thighs or chicken legs.

Angel Food Cake:

Instant coffee granules or espresso powder when stirred into the batter of angel food cake, transforms a simple plain dessert into an exotic dish. The dish is given a finishing touch with powdered or dusting sugar. You can also prepare a custard sauce easily with coffee liqueur or Frangelico. You can find such delicious recipes at many good restaurants.

Toffee-Coffee Ice Cream:

This is a torte that is quite elegant and can be easily assembled. In this recipe, crushed bars of toffee candy, coffee liqueurs and instant coffee granules are stirred in chocolate ice cream. It is then layered using lady\fingers and coffee ice cream. Brewed coffee mixed with coffee is cooked to form rich and sweet coffee syrup.

Most of these dishes are offered by restaurants. The next time you go for a lunch or dinner in a restaurant with your family, make sure you try some of these finger licking dishes. There are many companies offering free restaurant coupons, which would allow you save significant money too.


Coffee is being used to prepare exotic dishes. The amazing qualities and taste of coffee has inspired chefs to experiment with this item and come up with new and delicious recipes.

Summary: Coffee adds a surprising taste to a wide range of recipes. You can enjoy most of the recipes made with coffee at good restaurants.


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